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Diana Nyad
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  • Diana Nyad

    Record holding swimmer Diana Nyad is motivating Americans to walk more

    Diana Nyad is the only person to ever swim from Cuba to Florida. Nyad has since launched EverWalk, an initiative that urges Americans to walk more. EverWalk Epic Walks Pacific Northwest is a 134 mile group walk from White Rock, BC to West Seattle, starting this Sunday.
  • This is what true grit looks like

    The NFL season is quickly approaching, and you're going to hear a lot about the toughness of players. But nothing compares to this.
  • Showbox

    Does The Showbox deserve to be made a Seattle landmark?

    I stood across the street of The Showbox this weekend, considering its meager architecture next to the Seattle Art Museum and various high rises. Does this site deserve to be a landmark?
  • Seattle beaches have gone to the dogs

    Don writes that Seattle beaches don't seem to feel like a place for humans anymore.
  • luxury road trips

    A $25,000 road trip? Travel companies curating luxury road trips

    For $10,000 to $100,000 you can have EXP Journeys plan luxury road trips for you. Less station wagon, more helicopter. Instead of fast food, a private chef. And luxury tents with beds and showers.
  • Kent, diego moreno

    Donate a police patch to late Officer Moreno’s collection

    Kent officers are asking for patches from police and other first responders to add to the collection of late Officer Diego Moreno. The collection is being passed down to his son much too soon.
  • shower thoughts

    Shower Thoughts: Still laughing over the Seattle streetcar

    Let's do some Wednesday Shower Thoughts, shall we? These are some of the random things that ping pong thru my noggin while in the shower.
  • seattle, police, spd, bias

    Have you ever loved a cop?

    Have you ever loved a cop? KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill says he has. And they are not easy to love.
  • The history of the great American family road trip

    Tis the season for the Great American Family Road Trip, which evokes visions of wood paneled station wagons, whiny 'are we there yets' and stops at the world's largest ball of twine. Richard Ratay, author of the new book, 'Don't Make Me Pull Over! The informal history of the Family Road Trip' says Americans are getting back behind the wheel again.
  • variance, poker, online gambling

    Why is online gambling still illegal in Washington state?

    The State of Washington is behind the times with gambling laws from a bygone era. Hopefully, this new online gambling app will change things around the state.
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