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  • seattle traffic

    Is the city putting new forms of ticketing over actual traffic fixes?

    The city is looking to expand traffic cameras to catch blocking-the-box violations. Is it another sign of city prioritizing ticketing over traffic solutions?
  • Shower Thoughts, Halloween Edition

    Shower Thoughts, Halloween Edition: Should you wear a costume to work?

    For this special Halloween edition of Shower Thoughts, we figure out how appropriate it is to wear a costume at work, the one candy you should never give out, and the advantages of leaving Facebook.
  • The evils of Halloween candy

    One of the biggest things I wish I could change about my life is my relationship with sugar. It’s a battle every day.
  • Confederate monument, make it right

    Group puts up billboard calling for removal of Seattle Confederate monument

    A group that advocates for the removal certain monuments in cities across the country is turning its attention to Seattle and its local Confederate monument.
  • seahawks

    Changing my Seahawks prediction

    Obviously a lot can happen in the next nine weeks, but I think it's time to dust off your discount bin Richard Sherman jersey and get back on the Seahawks bandwagon.
  • Southern resident orcas

    Is Washington’s orca task force focusing on the wrong solutions?

    Washington's orca task force released its list of recommendations to revive the local killer whale population, but according to The Outdoor Line's Tom Nelson, it's not prioritizing the right fixes.
  • art, king county

    King County study shows art boosts health, graduation, volunteerism

    A brand new study from Seattle non-profit ArtsFund looked at the social impacts of art in King County. The results show that the arts have huge benefits to our community, our children and our health and wellness.
  • incident response team, rapid response team

    SDOT’s Incident Response Team will only get stuck in Seattle traffic

    KIRO Radio's Ron Upshaw has two questions about the Seattle Department of Transportation's new Incident Response Team.
  • Shower Thoughts with Ron Upsaw

    Shower Thoughts: Surprise, I didn’t win the Mega Millions jackpot

    I didn't win the Mega Millions, my boyhood team is in the World Series, and the Hawks are back off of their bye week. Let's talk shower thoughts.
  • landed

    ‘Landed’ wants to help Bellevue teachers buy their first home

    San Francisco startup Landed is hoping to help teachers afford their first home by offering teachers up to half of a 20 percent down payment.
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