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Washington, King County Courthouse, slavery
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Todd Herman

  • Washington, King County Courthouse, slavery

    King County to sex trafficking victims: ‘Sorry. Not sorry.’

    Sex trafficking is a form of slavery and it is a very profitable business, with every aspect of business marketing worked in. King County voters and officials are part of this businesses.
  • pay-per-mile tax

    It took this politician 5 minutes to cheat the pay-per-mile tax

    Washington Representative Mark Harmsworth was told to find flaws in the state's pay-per-mile tax pilot. It took him only five minutes, and he's still cheating the system.
  • carrot and stick, head tax, addicts, jobs tax

    What if Seattle Councilmembers Sawant and O’Brien get their jobs tax?

    Let's take a look at 12 things likely to happen if Seattle Councilmembers Kshama Sawant and Mike O'Brien get their jobs tax. Hint: Affordable housing still won't be built.
  • Jason Rantz and Todd Herman select their GiveBIG charities

    KTTH hosts Jason Rantz and Todd Herman are encouraging listeners and readers to donate to non-profit organizations they hand-picked for GiveBIG 2018.
  • landlord , rent, Uptown, Fox, Goodwill Games, climate change, seattle

    Is the Seattle City Council partially responsible for rent increases?

    Landlord William Shadbolt of the Rental Housing Association of Washington argues that the Seattle City Council has played a big part in the dramatic rise in local rent.
  • Jewish cemeteries

    Updated: Jewish cemeteries forced to spend thousands to clean up after homeless

    As a Jewish community in Seattle put a spotlight on problems with the homeless in their cemeteries, the City of Seattle has mostly ignored the problem. But something is starting to change.
  • Bezos

    Dear Jeff Bezos: If you love Seattle, leave Seattle

    Dear Jeff Bezos, I was given an honest, frank conversation after I interviewed for a job at Amazon. I was told exactly why I didn't get the job. Please give Seattle the same courtesy.
  • safe injection sites

    Slow-walking it: ‘Seattle Supreme Court’ and government heroin dens

    Washington Democrat voters have allowed Seattle to buy the state Supreme Court. Now, heroin dens and drug gangs will win as addiction become worse.
  • Jewish cemeteries

    Jewish cemeteries take on City of Seattle over homeless problem

    Historic Jewish cemeteries are facing off with the City of Seattle after months of inaction over the exploding homeless population.
  • Tim Eyman, thought police

    Facebook’s thought police don’t want you to see this

    What is so incendiary about this article that Facebook would block it? It's about Tim Eyman. But it's Conservative and Facebook's thought police don't like it.
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