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Phoenix, amazon
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Tom and Curley

  • Phoenix, amazon

    Report: Bezos says Amazon is not too big to fail, and will one day

    Amazon gets a lot of criticism. But one of the latest dire comments came from founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who said the online retail giant is not too big to fail -- it will face bankruptcy one day.
  • Gun sales tend to rise following gun control measures

    How gun control laws and candidates actually help gun sales

    The passage of I-1639 has gun sales in Washington quickly rising, a trend that's become consistent with candidates and ballot measures in favor of gun control.
  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee

    What are Jay Inslee’s presidential hopes after the midterms?

    Tom and Curley discuss whether Jay Inslee would make a good candidate for president.
  • gab

    Social media site Gab returns with help from Seattle-area startup, after Pittsburgh shooting

    Social media site Gab returned online with the help of, a domain registrar based out of Sammamish. Online registrar GoDaddy took Gab off their platform after the Pittsburgh shooting.
  • John Curley pulls his annual ‘pumpkin’ prank

    John Curley was able to set up a makeshift pumpkin “box” in the school’s office.
  • Dating in Seattle might be tough, but it's a great town for tourists.

    Amazon helping make Seattle great for tourists; city is worst for dating

    The nationally-touring Great Love Debate podcast named Seattle "America's Worst City to Find Love," a stark contrast to Lonely Planet naming it the eighth best city for tourists.
  • homeless seattle

    The difficulty in determining why homeless people come to Seattle

    Is Seattle a magnet for homeless people? A 2018 survey found 16.9 percent lived outside of King County, and 5.5 percent came from out of state.
  • flu season

    John Curley’s adventures with the flu shot that gave him flu-like symptoms

    Flu season is upon us, and KIRO's John Curley discussed his bad experience with getting a flu shot last year.
  • minimum wage

    Battle of experience: Economics of hiring minimum wage workers

    According to the latest information from an ongoing UW minimum wage study, workers with more experience saw their pay rise and less-experienced workers did not undergo any actual change.
  • stick shift

    Washington ranks fifth in the nation for stick shift usage

    A recent CarMax survey found that Washington placed fifth in the nation for purchase of manual transmissions. Do you know how to drive one?
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