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seattle homeless
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Tom and Curley

  • seattle homeless

    Study: 1 of 5 booked into jail are homeless, mostly for nonviolent crimes

    Of the 16,927 people booked into jail in 2018, 3,211 of them were homeless, placing the number of homeless arrested at approximately one out of five.
  • safe injection sites

    Will a new federal lawsuit impact Seattle’s plan for safe injection sites?

    Local officials are keeping their eye on a new federal lawsuit against Safehouse, a Philadelphia nonprofit looking to open the country's first drug consumption site.
  • SPD, Seattle police, Ballard

    Seattle hoping to draw experienced cops with $15,000 hiring bonus

    It's been difficult for the SPD to recruit of late as a result of historically low unemployment, officer retirement, and hiring incentives offered by other jurisdictions both regionally and nationally.
  • telecommuting seattle

    Study: Seattle telecommuting rose sharply long before Viadoom

    Telecommuting is rapidly rising in Seattle, which may account for the drop in traffic, regardless of Viadoom.
  • washington drivers

    Study: Washington drivers are talking on their phones a little less

    A new study found that the percentage of people holding a cellphone dropped to 3.4 percent last year from 6 percent, and that 8.2 percent of drivers were distracted while the car was moving, down 1 percent.
  • sodo crime

    SoDo and Georgetown see 31 percent rise in crime

    Known as The Flatlands, Sodo and Georgtown have seen crime rise 31 percent as of last year, compared to the mere 1 percent citywide rise.
  • milepost signs

    Hundreds of ’69’ and ‘420’ milepost signs have been stolen in Washington

    People have been stealing "420" and "69" milepost signs, which led the Washington Department of Transportation to go ahead with a rather creative solution.
  • seattle soda tax

    If the Seattle soda tax doesn’t reduce consumption, should it be cut?

    If the Seattle soda tax isn't shown to alter behavior, should it be cut or remain as a permanent tax to fund related healthcare and education?
  • seatac dogs

    TSA starts using floppy-ear dogs to reduce passenger stress

    The Transportation Security Administration is benching many of their pointy-ear dogs in favor of more floppy-ear dog narcs, as they find them to be less scary to passengers and their kids.
  • 2019, new year's, resolution

    Curley’s New Year’s resolution: Pretend every surface is hot

    Curley has had his share of ridiculous New Year's resolutions, and this year is no different: pretend every surface is hot.
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