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seattle soda tax
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  • seattle soda tax

    If the Seattle soda tax doesn’t reduce consumption, should it be cut?

    If the Seattle soda tax isn't shown to alter behavior, should it be cut or remain as a permanent tax to fund related healthcare and education?
  • seatac dogs

    TSA starts using floppy-ear dogs to reduce passenger stress

    The Transportation Security Administration is benching many of their pointy-ear dogs in favor of more floppy-ear dog narcs, as they find them to be less scary to passengers and their kids.
  • 2019, new year's, resolution

    Curley’s New Year’s resolution: Pretend every surface is hot

    Curley has had his share of ridiculous New Year's resolutions, and this year is no different: pretend every surface is hot.
  • woodland park zoo panda

    The great Woodland Park Zoo red panda escape

    Two red pandas made a getaway from their exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo, leading to a 15-hour standoff.
  • housing Seattle

    Using other cities’ solutions won’t fix Seattle’s housing problems

    Minneapolis recently eliminated single-family zoning, in the hopes of creating more housing options. But can this actually help Seattle, or is it simply a case of civic envy?
  • earthrise

    Apollo 8 ‘Earthrise’ photographer calls Northwest home

    It’s been 50 years since Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders took a photograph of a distant earth not quite looming over the lunar landscape, an image that’s since come to be known as “Earthrise.”
  • seattle homeless

    Why does Seattle outpace most of the country with rise in homeless?

    Seattle homelessness rose 4 percent in 2018, and 5.6 percent in Washington state., far surpassing the national average rise of 0.3 percent.
  • homeless tents

    Seattle homeless tents becoming obstacles for those with disabilities

    Homeless tents on sidewalks can be an impediment to those with disabilities in downtown Seattle.
  • NHL Seattle

    Will the NHL actually be embraced by Seattle?

    Seattle isn't exactly what one might think of as a traditional hockey town. Will hockey be embraced here by locals?
  • seattle traffic

    New SDOT traffic report shows ‘slow death’ of Seattle driving

    The annual traffic report from SDOT shows a slight decrease in cars on the road, but for John Curley, the road diet is more about eliminating cars than increasing traffic efficiency.
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