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soda tax
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Tom and Curley

  • soda tax

    Is Seattle’s soda tax actually making people healthier?

    The Seattle soda tax has raised upwards of 4.5 million, but is anyone actually getting healthier?
  • head tax, amazon, Amazon Go

    Amazon Go to open second cashierless store in downtown Seattle

    Amazon will open its second cashierless Amazon Go store in fall at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Marion Street. Others are planned for Chicago and San Francisco.
  • homeless village

    Are tiny house villages in Seattle a long-term solution?

    There are currently seven sanctioned tiny house villages similar to the proposed one at South Lake Union, with additional ones being planned. But is it really working?
  • seattle homeless

    Should Seattle homeless people be given free tickets to leave town?

    Should Seattle homeless people be sent to other cities when they won't accept offers of housing and refuse to move their tents?
  • seattle noise ordinance

    New Seattle noise ordinance will ticket loud vehicles $126

    A new amendment to the Seattle noise ordinance allows officers to issue a ticket if they can hear an excessively loud exhaust from 75 feet away.
  • Amazon, tax

    A jury of co-workers at Amazon can decide whether you’re fired

    Amazon has instituted a new program in which employees about to be fired can appeal and be tried by a jury of their co-workers. Well, this is awkward.
  • milkshake, straw ban

    Seattle’s straw ban may hit milkshake fans the hardest

    The Seattle straw ban takes effect on July 1, but it may be based on exaggerated evidence.
  • mike leach, fake news

    WSU Coach Mike Leach tweets fake news about President Obama

    WSU coach Mike Leach tweeted a fake video of President Obama making a speech during his term. He's since explained the error.
  • space needle

    Space Needle offering sky-high jobs for minimum wages

    The Space Needle is looking for window washers to clean the new glass at the top, and they're only paying minimum wage for the sky-high jobs.
  • magnolia bridge

    Seattle lacks funding and plans to repair the Magnolia Bridge

    The Seattle Department of Transportation lacks both the plans and finances to fix the Magnolia Bridge, in desperate need of repair.
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