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flu season
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Tom and Curley

  • flu season

    John Curley’s adventures with the flu shot that gave him flu-like symptoms

    Flu season is upon us, and KIRO's John Curley discussed his bad experience with getting a flu shot last year.
  • minimum wage

    Battle of experience: Economics of hiring minimum wage workers

    According to the latest information from an ongoing UW minimum wage study, workers with more experience saw their pay rise and less-experienced workers did not undergo any actual change.
  • stick shift

    Washington ranks fifth in the nation for stick shift usage

    A recent CarMax survey found that Washington placed fifth in the nation for purchase of manual transmissions. Do you know how to drive one?
  • Zunum Aero hybrid-electric airplane, flying cars

    Is the future of affordable travel self-flying cars and electric airplanes?

    Self-flying cars and hybrid-electric airplanes aren't things of the distant future, and both could end up making air travel more affordable by leaps and bounds.
  • Spokane

    Spokane is trying to entice unhappy Seattleites looking to flee

    Spokane is aggressively opening its arms to Seattleites looking to flee, and doing so with a city-run, $450,000 marketing campaign aimed at more than 500 local businesses.
  • king county metro

    Why are high-income earners using Seattle public transit more than others?

    A total of 11 percent of people earning $75,000 or more took public transit in 2017, a usage higher than lower-earning income groups.
  • dockless scooters

    Seattle not allowing dockless electric scooters any time soon

    While scooter-shares already exist in dozens of cities -- including Portland and Tacoma -- Seattle is playing it safe while other cities take the plunge.
  • amazon

    Amazon offering 25 to 55 cents raises at damage control meetings

    Amazon is offering workers 25 to 55 cents raises per hour during damage control meetings.
  • voter turnout

    Prepaid postage results in highest levels of voter turnout since 2004

    Curley admits he was wrong, because King County Department of Elections reported its highest rate of primary election turnout since 2004, all due to prepaid postage.
  • teacher strike, school lunch

    Should Tacoma schools be offering free lunch during teacher strike?

    As Tacoma teachers strike, many students can still be found in the cafeteria on weekdays. That's because the Tacoma district is still offering free lunch and breakfast to students at 12 different schools.
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