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seattle gentrification, space needle
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  • seattle gentrification, space needle

    Study: Seattle is the best place to live, if you can afford it

    Seattle ranks as No. 1 as the best city to live in. But it comes with a catch. It's a great place to live ... if you can afford it. What does this all say about Seattle gentrification?
  • ceo pay, jeff bezos

    Washington CEO pay is upwards of 400 times more than employees

    CEO pay in the Pacific Northwest is sometimes up to 400 times more than the median employee wage, but the data is not perfect.
  • texting and driving

    75 percent of King County drivers still love texting while driving

    Despite the year-old distracted driving law, 75 percent of King County drivers still believe they can safely text and drive.
  • seattle rent

    New $19,265-a-month apartment may be a sign of Seattle’s hollowing out

    A new $19,265-a-month apartment in South Lake Union may be a sign that Seattle is beginning so see high-end apartments that only exists as investments, not homes.
  • bikes on sidewalks, Seattle bikeshare

    Why you can’t sue Seattle bikeshare companies

    Seattle bikeshare companies are different from each other beyond their bright colors and numbers of gears. There is some fine print that separates them whether you've read it or not.
  • soda tax

    Is Seattle’s soda tax actually making people healthier?

    The Seattle soda tax has raised upwards of 4.5 million, but is anyone actually getting healthier?
  • head tax, amazon, Amazon Go

    Amazon Go to open second cashierless store in downtown Seattle

    Amazon will open its second cashierless Amazon Go store in fall at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Marion Street. Others are planned for Chicago and San Francisco.
  • homeless village

    Are tiny house villages in Seattle a long-term solution?

    There are currently seven sanctioned tiny house villages similar to the proposed one at South Lake Union, with additional ones being planned. But is it really working?
  • seattle homeless

    Should Seattle homeless people be given free tickets to leave town?

    Should Seattle homeless people be sent to other cities when they won't accept offers of housing and refuse to move their tents?
  • seattle noise ordinance

    New Seattle noise ordinance will ticket loud vehicles $126

    A new amendment to the Seattle noise ordinance allows officers to issue a ticket if they can hear an excessively loud exhaust from 75 feet away.
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