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Tom and Curley

  • environment

    Do Washingtonians dislike taxes more than they like the environment?

    Despite exit polls showing climate change was a chief concern among voters, the carbon-tax was voted down by significant margins two years in row.
  • seattle housing

    Can new disclosure laws help relieve Seattle’s housing market?

    New rules from the U.S. Treasury Department now requires King County buyers paying for houses in cash to disclose their identity to law enforcement.
  • mayor Durkan

    Has Mayor Durkan finally found her footing after a year in office?

    How is Mayor Jenny Durkan doing after her first year in office? A new stylistic approach may be helping her lead more effectively.
  • Amazon

    Can a former Amazon ‘bar raiser’ actually help you get a job?

    A former Amazon "bar raiser" is offering his services to prospective employees interviewing at the company. But is it actually worth it, or is it about as helpful as an SAT training course?
  • Plenty of blame to go around in alleged racism at Kirkland yogurt shop

    An incident at a Kirkland yogurt shop, where a manager called the police on a black man, has sparked a discussion around racism from both sides of the aisle.
  • secondary cities

    Why people are moving to secondary cities and not regretting it

    A wave of people locally and nationally are moving to secondary cities, which offer cheaper housing costs, less stress, and a higher quality of life.
  • Porch pirates continue to plague Washington residents

    Poll: Porch pirates steal from half of all Washington residents

    Roughly half of all Washington and Oregon residents have had a delivery stolen from their home, and this data seems to fall in line with a rash of package thefts that hit Seattle.
  • Phoenix, amazon

    Report: Bezos says Amazon is not too big to fail, and will one day

    Amazon gets a lot of criticism. But one of the latest dire comments came from founder and CEO Jeff Bezos who said the online retail giant is not too big to fail -- it will face bankruptcy one day.
  • Gun sales tend to rise following gun control measures

    How gun control laws and candidates actually help gun sales

    The passage of I-1639 has gun sales in Washington quickly rising, a trend that's become consistent with candidates and ballot measures in favor of gun control.
  • Governor Inslee

    What are Jay Inslee’s presidential hopes after the midterms?

    Tom and Curley discuss whether Jay Inslee would make a good candidate for president.
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