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Tom & Curley predict the outcome of Prop. 1 in King County

Tom Tangney and John Curley have made their predictions about the special election in King County

She lays 'em, she picks 'em

John Curley's hen picks her favorite Easter egg after the family decorates them. After all, she laid them, she should pick her favorite too.

Thanks for the cookies

Listener Lori sent Tom & Curley (and the some of the other KIRO Radio shows) cookies to thank them for their coverage of the Oso mudslide. And to chastise Tom a bit too.

Western Washington University president wants school to be less white

People are having a strong reaction to statements made by the president of Western Washington University.

Please adopt John Curley's dog

With all this money being spent on dogs, John Curley is saying: TAKE MY DOG, PLEASE.

We're exhausted

A long week was followed by a long weekend. But Tom & John's plans couldn't hold a candle to Producer Bryan's adventure.

The Know-It-All Week-In-Review Quiz

This week's listener, know-it-all quiz!

John Curley's chicken workout

Even a chicken has to stay in good shape. Watch how John Curley keeps his fowl in top form.

Listeners stump local historian Feliks Banel

The listeners of the Tom & Curley did their job, they were able to stump Seattle historian Feliks Banel, who was filling in for Tom Tangney.

Sewage plant new option for wedding venue in King County

There is a new option for couples in King County getting married. Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Plant, the place the county processes raw sewage, is now an option for couples looking to get hitched.

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