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Tom & Curley answer your questions

We're offering up the opportunity for listeners to ask Tom & Curley anything they'd like. This week, a listener asked John Curley to share his best line ever. Here it is.

Is 'The Ugly Kardashian' trick play cheating?

As a youth football coach, John Curley has his eye out for this kind of thing.

Video: Football coach being criticized for letting QB keep playing

The University of Michigan's football coach is being criticized for letting his quarterback keep playing after he appeared to have suffered a concussion.

Report: NFL veterans having trouble with Microsoft Surface technology

While Microsoft's Surface certainly is looking cool on the NFL sidelines, it might not be all positive exposure for the company as a recent report says a number of veteran players are having trouble transitioning to the new technology.

'The Barbershop' scores interview with Marshawn Lynch

Very few people have been able to convince Seahawsk running back Marshawn Lynch to sit down for an interview, but our friends over at the Barbershop got an exclusive.

A motivational half-time speech by John Curley

John Curley's pee-wee football team is so far winless this season. Heading into half-time with no points again, Curley decided it was really time to lay some wisdom on these boys.

Video: Man jumps fence at White House

A man jumped over the fence of the White House on Friday and made it through the front door before officers managed to apprehend him.

Oops! First person to buy iPhone 6 in Australia drops it

This is the nightmare of everyone who owns a phone made out of glass.

How George Takei changed John Curley's life forever

Many years ago, George Takei of Star Trek fame gave some advice to KIRO Radio's own John Curley. This advice changed his life forever. Here John and George reenact this big moment.

Drivers who don't know how to 'zipper merge' are creating freeway chokepoints

Ask anyone who didn't grow up in Washington about drivers in this state, and you will hear an all-too-familiar theme. "People here don't know how to merge."

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