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  • Tacoma

    Forgotten Cold War airliner from Tacoma still missing

    On the morning of June 3, 1963, a Northwest Airlines DC-7 — a four-engine propeller airliner — left McChord Air Force Base, which is now part of JBLM.
  • Seattle’s own Kenny G talks music and food with Rachel Belle. Oh, and he says he didn’t invent the Frappuccino!

    Saxophone player Kenny G went to Seattle's Franklin High School, where he played in the jazz band. He chatted with Rachel Belle for her podcast, Your Last Meal.
  • Singer/Songwriter Linda Perry’s last meal + how sound can affect taste

    4 Non Blondes frontwoman and Songwriter Hall of Famer, Linda Perry, doesn't care about food. She's all about music. So Rachel Belle interviews an Oxford professor who has studied how sound and music can influence the taste of food.
  • tent office, protest

    Brock and Dave: NFL knee-takers could take a cue from Dori’s protest

    Dave and Brock argue that NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem could learn from Dori's recent tent office protest. The difference, they say, is in the delivery rather than the message.
  • Kaepernick

    KIRO Radio hosts react to Seahawks postponing Kaepernick workout

    KIRO Radio hosts opine on the Seahawks postponing a Kaepernick workout.
  • Kaepernick

    Dori: NFL teams recognize Kaepernick is more trouble than he’s worth

    A new ESPN report states that the Seahawks were considering bringing Colin Kaepernick in for a workout - until Kaepernick refused to stop kneeling during the national anthem. Dori says that Kaepernick's refusal to stop using the football field as his personal social activism pedestal is a refusal to be a team player.
  • abortion

    Video: Woman goes crazy outside abortion clinic

    Dori has found a contender for this year's most entertaining audio. In this video from anti-abortion group Abolish Human Abortion, a woman takes anger to the next level.
  • cherry trees

    UW professor discriminated against for Christian faith

    University of Washington Professor Susana Asberry was stunned when the university put her on probation following allegations of racism and homophobia. Asberry believes the school is really persecuting her for her Christian faith.
  • tent office

    Dori: Thank you for helping us pull the pendulum back

    Dori thanks his listeners for their support in pulling off the tent office protest. Things may have gotten out of hand in Seattle politics, but Dori says that he and his listeners will pull the pendulum back the other way.