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A look at some of the most memorable Mariners promotions

When it comes to promotions, the Mariners are among the best for cooking up clever, creative and original ideas every year. Thursday’s “Sriracha Night,” honoring the popular hot sauce is no exception. We figured it would be fun to look back at some of the most memorable over the years, from Buhner Buzz Cuts to Beard Hats.
(Special thanks to Rebecca Hale at the Mariners for helping assemble the list)

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Memorable Mariners promotions
Former Seattle Mariners outfielder Tom Paciorek was well known for his sense of humor. When the Mariners were creating their commercials for 1981 in conjunction with local personality Pat Cashman, they produced a spot promoting "Jacket Night" that had Paciorek asking "What am I going to do with 30,000 pairs of funny nose glasses?" suggesting his failed idea. The M's say the spot generated many calls and letters to the Mariners from fans wanting to know when Funny Nose Glasses Night would be. In fact, some fans came to the "Jacket Night" game in August and were disappointed - they wanted a pair of funny nose glasses. They finally got them in 2012 when the Mariners held a special day to celebrate their 35th anniversary.
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