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Endangered historical properties in Washington

A look at the five most endangered properties in Washington in 2014, according to the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, as well as those properties listed as “most endangered” in previous years that are on a “watch list.”

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Fire Hall - Port Angeles
Most endangered: Fire Hall - Port Angeles

The Port Angeles Fire Hall was designed by Seattle architect William Aitken and completed in 1931. The Art Deco Fire Hall was the first of three contiguous buildings that were to serve collectively as a city-government campus, but the realities of the Depression meant that dream was never realized.

The Fire Hall is located on soft and moisture sensitive soils, creating a concern of foundation settling and possible erosion and seismic related problems. In addition, the building's envelope is no longer weatherproof, contributing to interior deterioration. Recent assessments place the cost for core and shell upgrades at over $1 million dollars, with full restoration likely to cost double that.

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