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Famous bridge failures in Washington

The new South Park Bridge is open following its closure in 2010 over safety concerns.

Luckily, this crossing was repaired in time to avoid any serious problems. But Washington certainly has had its share of past bridge fails.

Here are a few of the most legendary:

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Hood Canal Bridge sinks

In a severe storm in February of 1979, a portion of the Hood Canal Bridge sank.

The bridge connects the Kitsap Peninsula with the Olympic Peninsula and according to was the first floating bridge over saltwater subject to tides.

The area also forms a bit of wind tunnel, and winds that day were recorded from 80 miles to 120 miles an hour. Waves of 10 to 15 feet reportedly crashed against the bridge and the west portion failed and sank.

That portion of the bridge was replaced in 1982, and by 2009, the entire bridge span had been replaced. Since its collapse, the bridge is sometimes closed due to high winds.
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