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Get to know the Blue Angels as they fly in for Seafair

After a one-year break, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels fly into Seattle Monday afternoon. They were scheduled to fly up the waterfront and past the Space Needle before heading to Boeing Field.

As they return to Seattle after a year off, we take a look at what makes these planes and pilots so special.

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Blue Angels take off ...

The Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, ordered the establishment of the team on April 24, 1946.

The Blue Angels performed their first air show at Craig Field, Jacksonville, Florida, on June 15, 1946.

The name "Blue Angles" was picked by the original team when they were planning a show in New York in 1946. One of them came across the name of the city's famous Blue Angel nightclub in the New Yorker Magazine.

In this photo members of the first team gathered in front of one of their F6F Hellcats are from left: Lt. Al Taddeo; Lt. j.g. Gale Stouse; Lt. Cmdr. Roy M. "Butch" Voris; Lt. Maurice Wickendoll; and Lt. Mel Cassidy.

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