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Who are the most valuable Seahawks?

We’re still months away from the start of the NFL season. But with the Seahawks taking part in OTA’s, there’s no shortage of stuff to talk about. A popular topic of conversation this week is which player’s are most valuable in 2014 to the team’s quest for a Super Bowl repeat.

710 ESPN’s Brock and Danny came up with their own lists, inspired in part by the NFL Network’s big Top 100 players of 2014 special airing Wednesday night.

“What really jumped out at me was after I put the list together is how many skill position players there are in the top 10 for a team built to run the ball and around the line of scrimmage, how few linemen there are,” Danny says.

Listen to Brock and Danny discuss their top 10 Seahawks (in typical Brock fashion, he started with number one and ruined the surprise, so we did too.)

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Most valuable Seahawks
Brock and Danny agree Russell Wilson is the most valuable player for the Seahawks. "He's the difference maker on this team, he's the guy for all the investment you've made on defense. This team is set up and the way they play is about getting a game to 4th quarter and having a guy that can make the difference at the end of it," Danny says.
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