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Goodbye, You Guys

Well, here we are, guys. It's the end of a relatively short but adventurous journey.

Bothered by a dream? Dr. Michael Lennox tells us what they mean

Andrew has been bothered by his recurring dreams lately. Dr. Michael Lennox, a dream expert, joins the show to interpret Andrew's dreams for him and decipher some of the listeners' dreams too.

Teens may lose out as Seattle outreach center forced to shutter overnight program

A green building, just around the corner from Andrew Walsh's gym on Denny, at the bottom of Capitol Hill, that he passes every day. "You always see young people coming and going, and I could always tell that whatever was going on inside there was good. They're the most well behaved kids I see on the street there."

American Idiots? Check out these "Wounded Warrior" football uniforms

Could these be the most hideous college football uniforms yet? The get up Northwestern University will wear against Michigan on Nov. 16 is drawing plenty of gasps.

What's on Andrew's desk, part 4

The game continues! What's on Andrew's desk today? Well, it's a sheep. How did it get there, you ask? Listen in tonight!

What's on Andrew's desk, part 3

What's on Andrew's desk, part 3 features mini-tabasco. Two of them! Why doesn't Andrew just get one big bottle? Listen in tonight for the spicy details.

What's on Andrew's desk, part 2

What's all this junk on Andrew's desk? Here's the second installment of "What's on Andrew's desk."

Where are Andrew and Nick?

Where are Andrew and Nick you ask? Well, there's a Sounders game Wednesday night on KIRO Radio.

What's on Andrew's desk?

Co-workers, or maybe just one, often comment about the junk on Andrew's desk.

What was Julianne Hough thinking?

Dancer, celebrity, actress Julianne Hough has apologized for donning blackface for a Halloween party on Friday.

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