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Rantz: Is Congressman Jim McDermott's statement anti-Israel?

Congressman Jim McDermott sent out a press release Wednesday that Jason says provides no context on the Middle East conflict and if people take it at face value, they'll be mislead to believe Israel is murdering innocent people.

Are black people in Seattle really disproportionately targeted by pot laws?

Weed is back in the news, this time having to do with the amount of times folks are getting cited for smoking marijuana in public. The Seattle Times is interpreting the report I think in a misleading way because they don't give you relevant and important context.

What Seattle-Bellevue has to do with Israel-Gaza

I want everyone out there reading this to pick a side: Seattle or Bellevue. I know not everyone lives there, but pick a side, whichever city comes more natural to you. The first one you side with, say it out loud.

Former Microsoft colleague challenges DelBene

Republican Pedro Celis is the frontrunner to challenge Democratic Rep. Suzan DelBene for the 1st District congressional seat this fall.

Washington state Senate candidate wants amnesty for past marijuana offenders

A candidate running for Washington state Senate says if elected, she wants to propose an amnesty bill for past weed offenders.

Peter Holmes must be disciplined and city must be honest

I'm calling on the City to admit what Holmes did was a violation and discipline him or just don't hold the other city employees to the rules.

Man shot by deputy at SoDo light rail station was killed, but not murdered

Friends and family of Oscar Perez Giron, the 23-year-old shot and killed by a King County Sheriff's Deputy at a SoDo light rail station last week, protested Sunday at the site where he was killed.

Jason Rantz: Seattle City Council gun violence study reeks of political agenda

The Seattle City Council just spent over $150,000 of your dollars on a study to look at gun violence in King County.

Opponents deliver referendum signatures to put Seattle's $15 minimum wage on ballot

Supporters of a referendum to put Seattle's $15 minimum wage to a public vote have turned in what they are confident will be enough signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot.

Seattle bar owner speaks out amidst minimum wage boycott

The Liberty Bar in Seattle faced protesters on Tuesday for their support of a group trying to file a referendum to send the minimum wage issue to voters.

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