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500 women, children are cold and homeless in Seattle, but you can help

Mary's Place, a Seattle non-profit that provides shelter and services for 150 homeless women and a children a day, is trying to raise $250,000 to open a new shelter in time for winter.

Paseo lawsuit: Can undocumented workers sue and win?

Seattle's beloved Paseo abruptly closed yesterday, denying sandwich lovers their cult status, Cuban-style sammies. But then a lawsuit surfaced: four Hispanic, former Paseo employees are suing the owners, saying they weren't paid overtime or given breaks during long shifts. A Seattle lawyer says wage theft is VERY common, but undocumented workers rarely sue out of fear.

Meet Major Scott Smiley, the service member who raised the 12th Man flag

Major Scott Smiley raised the 12th Man at the Seahawks game on Sunday. He will be appearing on The Ron & Don Show Tuesday.

Couple drives around the world in their tricked out VW van

Brad and Sheena Van Orden were bored of their 9-to-5 routine, so they saved up their money and took off on a two-and-a-half year road trip that took them on adventures around the world. They just landed back in the US and chose Seattle as their new home.

Seahawks chow down on southern comfort food after every home game

The Seahawks eat lean and clean all week, but after a big, taxing game the healthy diet goes out the window. The Seahawks are fed New Orleans cooking from Seattle food truck Jemil's Big Easy after every home game.

One year after Typhoon Haiyan

Local charity Child United continues the rebuilding efforts in the Philippines, one year after Typhoon Haiyan displaced more than four million people.

Search continues for Sky Metalwala

It's been nearly three years since then 2-year-old Sky Metalwala disappeared in Bellevue

Port Orchard murder suspect confessed in note

A note allegedly written by Port Orchard murder suspect David Kalac says he brutally killed his girlfriend because he was drunk and "she pissed me off."

Fund set up for family of Port Orchard murder victim

A friend is trying to help out the family of murder victim Amber Lynn Coplin. The woman, whose body was found Tuesday, is the mother of five boys.

What kind of website allows people to post murder photos? A look at 4chan

Images appearing to be a Port Orchard murder victim were posted to the website "4chan" this week before police were even alerted to the crime. Libby Denkmann takes a closer look at 4chan.

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