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Women: Run for office in Washington state

The National Women's Political Caucus of Washington is focused one thing: getting women elected. Only 32% of Washington state politicians are female & the caucus intends to change that.

Don takes time to smell the roses with his son

Don took a 'sick' day on Wednesday because his son was under the weather. Admittedly, his boy probably would've been fine without him, but sometimes you just need a day to spend with your kid, especially on his birthday.

Lunch at the Shop: A Seattle Shop Owner on the Importance of the Lunch Break

Eight years ago Peter Miller, who has owned an architecture and design book store in Seattle for 32 years, prepared a fresh lunch for his employees. They liked it so much that they now make lunch every day and take a short break to sit down to eat together. His new book "Lunch at the Shop" offers recipes and tips on how to prepare lunch at your workplace.

Rick Rizzs loves the passion the Mariners have this year

This could be the year for the Mariners and the team's voice, Rick Rizzs, believes the wins will keep coming if the team continues to have fun and play fundamental baseball.

Ron: Auburn couple should face death penalty for what they're accused of doing to 6-year-old

I was so mad I almost did a spit take with my coffee on my computer when I read this story coming out of Auburn.

From Architect to Advocate, a Seattle Man Wants to Change Your Mind About Homelessness

Seattle's Rex Hohlbein has run his own architectural firm for the past 27 years. But after several interactions with homeless people near his office, he's giving up architecture to try and change people's mind's about homeless stereotypes with his new non-profit, Facing Homelessness.

KIRO traffic reporter Kimi Kline reveals something very personal

You may know Kimi Kline for the sweet voice booming over your radio every seven minutes as she delivers your traffic. But to us, she's also a friend and colleague. We've recently learned that Kimi is battling Multiple Sclerosis.

Sonics Fans Head to Portland to Get Their NBA Fix

Since Seattle lost the Sonics, hard core NBA fans have taken to traveling to Portland to watch the Trailblazers play. Chris Hansen still says he wants to bring a team to Seattle, but for now we have to put a bird on it.

Volunteer pilot recalls rescuing Jacob from Oso mudslide

Snohomish County volunteer pilot Ed Hrivnak was in the middle of a training exercise about 30 minutes away when his team received the call about the Oso mudslide.

Your Oso donations: Organized and in the debris field

Over the weekend, Ed Russell got a chance to check out hang out with a search team at the Oso mudslide. He saw your donations in action and the supply at camp.

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