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What's to be done with 600 immigrant children potentially coming to JBLM? KIRO hosts respond

There is not word on a official decision yet on whether Joint Base Lewis McChord will be used to house around 600 Central American children who crossed the border unaccompanied, but rumors they may be sent here is getting mixed reactions.

Oso kids reclaiming their childhood at summer camp

About a hundred children from the area devastated by the Oso landslide are receiving scholarships to summer camp, thanks to generous donations from the community.

Alzheimer's Cafe serves up pizza and sing-a-longs

Copying a concept popular in Europe, Alzheimer's Cafe aims to give people with dementia and Alzheimer's a comfortable and public place to socialize. The Cafe is held every 2nd Thursday of the month at Tutta Bella, in Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood.

Thawing the Seattle Freeze, one neighbor at a time

Sammamish's Becky Henchman is intent on thawing the Seattle Freeze. For the next year, she is committed to having a neighbor over each month, to try and get to know the people who live around her and create community and friendship.

What's next for Washington's new legal pot industry?

Tuesday's opening of Washington's first legal marijuana stores is being hailed as a success, even though just a handful across the state were able to begin operation. But there's still plenty of work ahead to get the recreational system fully up and running.

Washington pot grower sending hemp jeans to White House

Seattle legal pot grower Bob Leeds wants to thank President Obama and his administration for leaving Washington alone to launch the legal pot industry. So he's planning to send the president some custom jeans made from hemp.

The Big Love Photoshoot Project gets photo-shy women back in front of the camera lens

Shoreline's Amy Gentry noticed she was no longer posing in her family's holiday and vacation photos, because she didn't like the way she looked. So she created the Big Love Photoshoot Project, taking photos of women who normally shy away from cameras, to help them get their confidence back.

65-year-old camps out overnight to take front of line for Seattle's first legal pot shop

With all the excitement surrounding the opening of Seattle's first legal recreational pot shop, Deb Green wanted to make sure she would be among the first customers. But she never expected to be first in line at Cannabis City, nearly 20 hours before the store's scheduled opening Tuesday.

Seattle's purple-bearded Bubbleman has been blowing bubbles for 33 years

Seattle's Gary Golightly, AKA The Bubbleman, has been doing bubble shows in 45 countries for the past 33 years. He uses found and thrifted items, like flyswatters and plastic six pack rings, to make huge bubbles that kids go crazy for.

Washington state woman has vowed to eat pet food for a whole month

Dorothy Hunter, CEO of Paws Natural Pet Emporium in Richland and Kennewick, Washington, is eating almost nothing but dog and cat foods for an entire month. She wants to spread the message that people should read labels, and only feed their pets foods that they would eat themselves. She is only eating natural, sometimes organic, USDA approved pet foods.

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