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The Little Red Book of Obamunism: Quotations from The One
It's the must-have election resource of 2012! It's a pocket-sized collection that reveals not just what the president says, but what he means!
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Kumar Joe, The Singing Crow
Kumar Joe, the Singing Crow is the tale of a little crow who was born with a heart for music, but not a voice for it.
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How stabilizing the Oso mountainside may have increased its slide risk

I was speaking to an engineer in the aftermath of the Oso landslide about possible causes. I asked him to send me his ideas and insights.

Reducing greenhouse gases won't prevent wildfires

Before the wildfire season began, Washington Governor Jay Inslee began pushing for lower carbon emissions because if the country didn't cut down on greenhouse gases, our forest fires would get worse.

Let loose the Amazon drones

With our offices just blocks from Amazon.com's world headquarters, there's plenty of excitement around here about the company's request to start using drones for delivery.

First man to buy legal pot in Spokane may lose his job

The first man to buy legal pot in Spokane is now facing an uncertain employment future.

Inslee thinks you eat 12 pounds of fish a month, and it could cost you

How much fish do you eat a month? The governor and Department of Ecology think you might be eating more than they currently register and that could mean your sewage bill is going up.

Boeing fuselages new attraction on Montana rafting trips

The odd grizzly and beautiful vistas aren't the biggest draw for rafters on Montana's Clark Fork River this week. Fuselages of two Boeing 737s stuck in the river after a train derailment are providing a pretty unique sight.

What Washingtonians listen to on Independence Day

John Mellencamp's "R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A." is Washington state's most popular song for Independence Day, according to Spotify.

770 KTTH debate: Is religious liberty under assault?

Tea Party favorite Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently said "religious liberty has never been under more assault [in this country]." Is that an accurate statement, or is it hyperbole to stoke passions ahead of an important midterm election? KTTH AM 770 hosted a panel discussion Thursday evening on the implications of recent laws and court cases concerning religious freedom.

Speak No Evil: Stop granting fame to spree-killers

Far too often I've seen mass-killers and would-be mass killers splashed across TV screens with every aspect of their lives examined.

Edge of your seat fun for 'Edge of Tomorrow'

An alien race has smashed into Europe and spread like a Nazi menace both east and west leaving an allied humanity scrambling to figure out how to stop a seemingly unbeatable foe.

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