Terry Jaymes and Providence Cicero look at the Seattle dining scene
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Seattle pizza-maker approved by Italian pizza authority

The executive chef of Seattle's Tutta Bella's has been approved as a registered pizza maker by the Naples, Italy pizza authority.

Ezell's Famous Chicken goes mobile with new food truck

Ezell's Famous Chicken has gone mobile as the founders' owners expand the business to food trucks.

Seattle's Skillet continues growing way beyond the Airstream

While it may have started as a mobile food purveyor, Skillet and its creator are growing way beyond the Airstream.

Get a close-up look at Washington goat cheese farm in action

More and more people are becoming interested in the path from farm to table. If you want to get an up-close look at a local food creator, there's an opportunity this weekend.

Acclaimed Seattle chocolatier Autumn Martin sets her sights on scrumptious shakes

Autumn Martin knows her way around chocolate. The celebrated chef and owner of Ballard's popular Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery has earned plenty of acclaim for her signature creations. Now she's branching out to malts and milkshakes.

Drinkskool offers expert online training in art of mixing drinks

There are only two official ingredients in a Gimlet, Plymouth Gin and Rose's Lime Juice, but to make the classic drink like a pro, it takes ice, a shaker, a strainer, a martini glass and of course, a slice of fresh lime for garnish.

Edmonds neighborhood restaurant impresses Seattle restaurant critic

Let's Eat host and Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero has found a hidden gem up in the north end.

Hunger butchering in-house to bring unique cuts to your table

Hunger in Fremont is working out a new way to give you every tasty morsel of your favorite meat.

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