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Twitter's beginning is a story of boozing and backstabbing

The title of Nick Bilton's new book 'Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal' says it all. The Twitter founders' friendships split just like an egg cracking open.

How did a Medina couple get away with alleged bank fraud?

How did Medina couple Michael and Linda Mastro, a classic rags-to-riches story, get away with declaring bankruptcy, owing family and friends $500 million, and escaping to a comfortable life in France?

Seahawks owner Paul Allen's foundation funds TBI research

The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has awarded a $2.37 million grant to help Seattle-area researchers investigate the lasting effects of TBI.

Seattle to spend $1 million more on bike-lane design

Seattle's goal is to put all residents within a quarter mile of a bike lane. Part of the way they're doing that is with cycle tracks.

The science of why women are critical of attractive females

A study confirms women can be horribly critical of an attractive female. But why are they that way?

Oak Harbor father who lost three daughters: Love your family

For the first time, the father of twins killed in a crash is talking about the terrible loss and the terrible insult from the driver in custody.

My decision to leave KIRO Radio, my broadcasting home

Although I love my KIRO family, our listeners and my blog readers, I've decided to leave this job and my broadcasting career at the end of this year.

A kinder, gentler Microsoft does away with stack ranking

Microsoft is ending its controversial practice of evaluating employees by "stack ranking" them. Instead, the company says it'll focus on "creativity and teamwork."

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