TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

Columbus Day, the Washington Redskins of holidays

Seattle is the latest front in the fight to reclaim Columbus Day. The city council has renamed it Indigenous People's Day, incensing Italy's Ambassador to the US, and outraging local Italian-Americans leaders who promise to mobilize.

Election Day already?

Election Day isn't until November 4, but in parts of the country, the first absentee ballots have already arrived ... and candidates are worried.

Momma don't let your boys grow up playing HALO

In the debate over violent video games, this researcher says the verdict is in.

You can be afraid of only so much

The challenge of being an American lately is deciding what's worth being afraid of.

Better memory without a pill

There are brain games, there are pills, there's hypnosis, but the secret to improving memory may actually be much simpler.

Passion versus logic

California now has a "Yes Means Yes" law intended to deter sexual assault on campus. Under this law, to make love legally, each partner must agree as they tag each base.

God has spoken, and he may have a Spanish accent

One of our do-nothing Congress's biggest non-accomplishments has been immigration reform. But among the Hispanic members, there is a sense that after the election something big is going to happen.

Who really saved the White House?

Omar J. Gonzalez, the retired Army vet who ran through the unlocked front door of the White House on September 19, obviously should never have gotten anywhere near the building.

How to rescue a drowning phone call

I'm not surprised that people prefer tweets and texts over phone calls, because as phones get smarter, phone calls are to the point where everyone you talk to sounds like an overseas war correspondent.

Can-Can: A Dave Ross original song to help you sort out recycling in Seattle

Dave Ross has come up with an original song to help you try and sort out the Seattle recycling rules.

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