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Sewage plant new option for wedding venue in King County

There is a new option for couples in King County getting married. Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Plant, the place the county processes raw sewage, is now an option for couples looking to get hitched.

To regulate or not to regulate: This is the party bus

Washington state is considering more regulations on party buses, but Luke Burbank (filling in for Tom Tangney) is hesitant to agree new rules are needed on a mode of transportation that gets revelers around safely.

Is it time to chuck big city life and move to Port Townsend?

After leaving the Luke Burbank Show on KIRO Radio, Luke is now living out on the Olympic Peninsula in Port Townsend. John Curley wanted to know how things are going after his bold move.

The Know-It-All Week-In-Review Quiz

This week's listener, know-it-all quiz!

Economist: Taxpayers should pay burden of $15 minimum wage

After a debate John Curley was stopped in the hallway and asked about one of the questions a panelist avoided answering. As it just so happened, John invited that panelist, Stephen Moore, to join the Tom & Curley Show for a little debate of their own.

Can you make a kid eat their entire school lunch?

The LA school system is challenging a new federal policy that requires students to pick up at least three food items a day, even if they don't want them.

Starbucks apologizes to woman who claims drinks were served with satanic messages

Starbucks has apologized to a customer after she claimed she was served two drinks featuring satanic messages.

Legal marijuana and when it's OK to smoke it

John Curley says someone working on his house took a break to toke up, and made the whole house stink of marijuana. His wife wasn't a fan, but the worker says he won't do it again.

Inside Seattle's $15 minimum wage discussions

A member of the income inequality advisory committee joins Tom & Curley to discuss the latest in the city of Seattle's move to a $15 minimum wage.

Officials, media at odds over release of updated mudslide death toll

Tensions are mounting between the official spokesman for the Oso mudslide and a number of media members frustrated with the lack of updated information about the number of people killed in the disaster.

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