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John would try to make money off his disease, if diagnosed

On this episode of "Ask Tom & Curley Anything," KIRO Radio's John Curley says he'd try to make money off of his disease, if diagnosed.

King County instituting higher minimum wage at same time it's looking at cutting jobs

King County workers and their associated contractors will now be covered by the county's first-ever living wage policy. While he counts himself a supporter, KIRO Radio's Tom Tangney does note one little irony.

Film critic Tom Tangney reveals the worst movie he's ever seen

On this episode of "Ask Tom & Curley Anything," KIRO film critic Tom Tangney is asked to name the worst movie he's ever seen.

Seattle City Council replaces Columbus Day

The Seattle City Council is expected to vote Monday on a resolution replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day in the city.

How do you decorate for Indigenous People's Day?

In this edition of "Ask Tom and Curley Anything," Tom and Curley tackled the question all Seattle residents will soon have to face: How do you decorate for Indigenous People's Day?

Tom Tangney: More monorail in Seattle a 'pie in the sky' idea

Seattle residents will be voting on a monorail for the city again this November. While many approved a Seattle monorail expansion in the past, even some past supporters are reconsidering this time around.

Tom & Curley answer your questions

We're offering up the opportunity for listeners to ask Tom & Curley anything they'd like. This week, a listener asked John Curley to share his best line ever. Here it is.

Is 'The Ugly Kardashian' trick play cheating?

As a youth football coach, John Curley has his eye out for this kind of thing.

Video: Football coach being criticized for letting QB keep playing

The University of Michigan's football coach is being criticized for letting his quarterback keep playing after he appeared to have suffered a concussion.

Report: NFL veterans having trouble with Microsoft Surface technology

While Microsoft's Surface certainly is looking cool on the NFL sidelines, it might not be all positive exposure for the company as a recent report says a number of veteran players are having trouble transitioning to the new technology.

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