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Should state employee be fired for suspected DUI crash?

Deputies in Skagit County are investigating whether a state employee should be charged with driving under the influence after crashing her car into the side of a bar in Bellingham.

Watch: Who is more ridiculous?

Watch this video of a teen being taken down by three cops. Who is more ridiculous?

Why don't Seattle fans seem to care about the Mariners' success?

While the Mariners are seriously in contention to make the playoffs, Seattle fans still appear to be holding out in terms of jumping on the bandwagon.

Recycling - the Washington state way

It's great to be a public employee in Washington!!

Oops! Spelling errors in Seattle tunnel repair plan video

WSDOT released a video detailing Seattle Tunnel Partners' plan for repairing stalled boring machine Bertha. But a Dori Monson Show listener noticed the video has a few spelling errors regarding the "repeir."

Dori Monson: Second Avenue bike lane worst design I've ever seen

Second avenue just got new bike lanes. KIRO Radio's Dori Monson drove into downton Seattle to get a look at them.

New video: Ravens' Ray Rice domestic violence incident

TMZ Sports has just released video from inside the elevator.

Drawbridge dispute: Why do boats have priority over cars?

The Washington State Department of Transportation was warning of the potential traffic woes surrounding Thursday's Seahawks season opener all week, yet somehow during the supposed traffi-pocalypse, the decision was made to close the 520 bridge multiple times for boat traffic.

Dori Monson on one-man crusade to get drunk drivers off road

On Thursday night, I was driving home from the stadium around midnight and there was a pickup truck all over I-5 northbound.

Buddy the dog is back home with his original owners

A family is thrilled to have their dog back home safe and sound after he was mistakenly adopted out by the Humane Society.

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