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Russell Brand is going for it

Actor Russell Brand sat down for a BBC interview, and suddenly he found himself calling for a revolution.

Seattle's FarmBoat shuts down over parking tickets

A farmer's market operation run off a boat in Seattle's South Lake Union neighborhood has been shut down over parking tickets.

Real ads and Andrew Walsh ideas on how to get kids to sign up for Obamacare

Proponents of Obamacare are trying hard, sometimes too hard, to reach out to young people. That got KIRO Radio's Andrew Walsh thinking about how he would try and target the young folks to sign up for health insurance. He turned to "Breaking Bad" while listeners had some of their own topical suggestions.

Video: Cool Kurt Cobain interview

Check out this video from PBS Digital Studios series Blank on Blank featuring an interview Kurt Cobain did with music journalist Jon Savage in 1993.

Sleaze alert: Video prank catches 'gold digger'

I ain't sayin she's a gold digger...but a gang of comedy pranksters say they caught her right in the act of gold digging.

Monument lawn service grows

Remember Chris Cox, the guy who took his lawnmower out to trim the grass at the National Mall?

Watch: Telekinetic video prankvertises 'Carrie'

Sure, it's a hidden camera gotcha-moment. But a YouTube video being used to promote the remake of "Carrie" is also a new method of advertising.

A woman in football defends Condi Rice for playoff panel

In order to know about football you have to play football: That's the loudest message we're hearing, first from College Game Day host David Pollack, followed soon after by former Auburn coach Pat Dye, about a famous woman rumored to be part of the College Football Playoff selection committee next year.

Are $2,000 Seattle homeless tours a real thing?

A man is apparently selling $2,000 tours of Seattle where you play the part of a homeless person, even staying at a real shelter.

What the 'No on 522' people don't want you to know about their food

If 522 passes, it would force food manufacturers to put a sticker on any food that contains genetically engineered ingredients. Now the people that are opposed to this, the food manufacturers, are dropping tons and tons of money into stopping the initiative from passing.

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