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Pornography block in UK might save marriages; would it work here?

For the first time, the United Kingdom is making moves to restrict access to Pornography. Unless you specifically request to have it, pornography will be blocked in all UK households. This may seem a bit extreme to some people, but impeding access to pornography might be the answer to many relationship problems.

What's the big deal about the royal baby?

The frenzy over the royal baby reached a fever pitch Monday morning as word surfaced Princess Kate Middleton had gone into labor. And it was worldwide pandemonium as word surfaced the royal baby made its way into the world Monday afternoon. But count KIRO Radio's Luke Burbank and Dori Monson among those who aren't dancing in the streets.

If school zone cams are really just for safety, then why not a separate fund for ticket revenues?

If school zone cameras are supposed to be solely for safety, then why does Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn want the money to stay in the general fund, where it can be spent on anything?

63-year-old drumming grandma who'd never heard of YouTube now has over 2 million views

A drumstick-twirling 63-year-old is getting her 15 minutes of fame after a drum store posted a video of her doing a solo performance inside their drum shop.

Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev elevated to rock star status on cover of Rolling Stone

A Rolling Stone cover story on Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is generating controversy.

Man's retirement property standing in way of $200 million project

Robert Zornes, an RV park owner in Forks, got a little more than he bargained for when he purchased a 100-acre riverfront property on the Columbia River where he dreamed of one day retiring with his wife.

Vacationer explains how he found drowning victim's body when Seattle Fire missed it

Tom Fleming's vacation in Seattle took an unlikely turn when he went for a dip in the pool at Quality Inn & Suites Seattle Center.

Luke Burbank would rather fly with guns than babies

Guns and babies. They're two of KIRO Radio's Luke Burbank's pet peeves. But with the recent discovery of several fliers trying to get through security at Sea-Tac airport with loaded weapons, Burbank says he'd rather have the gun owners on his next flight.

Couple takes pothole repair into their own hands, leaving 'citizen fixed' tag behind

Not unlike citizens in Tacoma painting their own crosswalks, a Jackson, Miss. couple has taken to filling potholes they think the city is neglecting.

Man shot 16 times settles with King County for $3M, suing state for $20M

The Auburn man shot 16 times by a corrections officer and King County Sheriff's Deputy has settled with the county for $3 million and is now suing the state for an additional $20 million.

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