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Shocking twist in 'Rolling Stone' rape investigation

A tenet of the Jason Rantz Show is to fact check everything (I even did a speech about it!) and this troublesome development from Rolling Stone is a good reminder not to simply believe narratives.

Catch a movie on a stranger's couch this weekend

Private residences will be opening their doors to Couch Fest Film festival goers around Seattle this Saturday.

Phoenix Jones: Criminals taking advantage of Seattle cops busy with protests

While Seattle police are busy trying to keep the peace during protests, criminals are taking advantage of their absence, according to crime-fighting Seattle superhero Phoenix Jones.

Credit card name may not be reason Seattle homeless turned away from motels

Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat's latest column takes issue with motels over their treatment of the homeless.

Jason Rantz: Walmart to do a lot of good for Monroe, why are activists still upset?

Good news for Monroe where there's a 9 percent poverty rate: The city is about to get a brand new business that will employ about 200 full and part-time workers.

While Seattle smolders, Tacoma Ferguson protesters talk

While protesters and police squared off again Monday night in Seattle, another demonstration of a far different sort was taking place in Tacoma - led by Tacoma's police chief and mayor.

Superhero Phoenix Jones criticizes Seattle police handling of protests

Self-proclaimed 'superhero' Phoenix Jones is taking the Seattle Police Department to task for allowing recent protests to get violent, with property damage and even an officer injured without a single arrest.

The real reason behind the absurd Seattle protests

Perhaps the anti-capitalism Seattle protesters should hire a publicity firm to help their strategy and messaging because as of right now, not only do they hurt their cause, but they hurt the people they also claim they want to help.

Providing Internet for Seattle homeless makes financial sense

A couple weeks ago on this show, City Councilmember Kshama Sawant came on and wanted to discuss some of the worthwhile budgetary items that the city council pushed and passed for 2016. One of the items she mentioned got a lot of attention.

Seattle's embarrassing, dishonest reaction to Ferguson

Good news, Seattle. A bunch of white hipsters blocked the streets of Capitol Hill last night to protest the decision in Ferguson. All racial tensions have been quelled as a result. Right.

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