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Progressive Seattle leaders ignoring crime issues

When I walk the streets of Seattle during the day or at night, with the exception of Pioneer Square and parts of Belltown, I almost always feel safe.

Seattle is not a city for the poor

For a city with leaders who often decry how expensive it is to live in Seattle, they sure do like taxing us, don't they? And the residents directly impacted don't seem to care either.

Why you should be worried about the passage of I-594

Now that, as polls predicted, Initiative 594 passed, you should actually be concerned. But not for the reason you may expect.

Rev. Jackson's hypocritical, illogical attack of Amazon

The Reverend Jesse Jackson and his activist group, Rainbow Push, is mad at the place I use to buy bulk toilet paper, off-brand iPhone power cords, and 24 packs of Zevia Cola.

Expert says Marysville teen gunman fit killer profile

While many people remain stunned that popular Marysville-Pilchuck student Jaylen Fryberg could be capable of the mass shooting that killed three of his friends and critically injured two others, one expert says Fryberg more than fits the killer profile.

Seattle City Councilmember wants millions more to fight homelessness

Will an additional $5 million on top of the $35 million in Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's for homeless services help make a bigger dent in the number of people on the streets?

Why is SDOT minimizing the number of drivers into Seattle?

KIRO Radio's Chris Sullivan scored an interview with Scott Kubly, the director of the Seattle Department of Transportation. And, predictably, Kubly said there is no war on cars in the city of Seattle.

Seattle Times gun column misleading, missing some facts

There's this movement happening in Western Washington after the tragic events at Pilchuck High School with folks demanding that gun owners be charged when their kids (or other kids) gets their gun. These critics say there are no laws on the books to cover this issue. Those critics are wrong.

Seattle may be getting whiter, but racial diversity isn't all we lack

If you didn't think it was possible for Seattle to get even whiter, think again.

Westlake businesses need parking, not bike routes, to stay afloat

Bicyclists ride through a busy parking lot on Westlake in Seattle and it's dangerous, so naturally, rather than tell bicyclists to take a safer route, the city wants to take away a significant portion of parking spots that help keep businesses afloat, reports KING 5.

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