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  • Bomb kills 5 in southern Afghanistan, clashes in north
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 11:16 pm
    Afghan officials say five civilians were killed when a bomb detonated inside a house in the southern Zabul province, while in the north Taliban insurgents are clashing with police.
  • Kazakhstan's longtime leader secures crushing election win
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 10:52 pm
    Preliminary results of weekend nationwide polls in Kazakhstan show the long-ruling president confirming his incumbency with 97.7 percent of the vote amid a record turnout, election officials said Monday.
  • Soldiers clear ash from around Chile's Calbuco volcano
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 10:44 pm
    Some 400 soldiers have arrived near Chile's Calbuco (kal-BOO'-koh) volcano to help residents clear ash from towns and roads.
  • Australia wants claims against Indonesian judges probed
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 10:04 pm
    Australia wants corruption allegations against Indonesian judges investigated before their death sentences against two Australian drug traffickers are carried out, the foreign minister said Monday.
  • Rescuers struggle to reach many in Nepal quake, fear worst
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 9:52 pm
    The death toll from Nepal's earthquake soared past 3,300 Monday, and how much higher it would rise depended largely on the condition of vulnerable mountain villages that rescue workers were still struggling to reach two days after the disaster.
  • Soldiers clear ash from around Chile's Calbuco volcano
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 9:04 pm
    Soldiers were sent to clear ash from towns and roads near Chile's Calbuco volcano, which was quieter but continued to release columns of ash days after emitting twin spectacular eruptions.
  • Asian markets rise after Wall Street gains
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 8:44 pm
    Asian stock markets rose Monday after Wall Street gained on strong earnings and investors looked ahead to Apple results and this week's U.S. Federal Reserve meeting.
  • AP PHOTOS: Quake in Nepal leaves more than 2,500 dead
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 6:53 pm
    Nepal's worst earthquake in more than 80 years has so far claimed more than 2,500 lives. There has been panic as aftershocks hit the area, but there was also time to cremate hundreds of the dead, keep up the search for the missing and mourn the loss of not only life but culture, with many historic buildings destroyed when the earthquake hit on Saturday.
  • No time to lose: Global response to Nepal quake gears up
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 5:52 pm
    There is still time to save lives -- that's why governments and aid agencies Sunday rushed doctors, volunteers and equipment to Nepal without waiting for the dust to settle.
  • Togo counts votes as president seeks third term
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 5:16 pm
    Officials in Togo on Sunday added up results from a presidential vote that had the lowest turnout of any election conducted in the past decade.
  • Japan's prime minister goes to US to showcase close ties
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 4:48 pm
    Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in the U.S. on Sunday for a weeklong visit to showcase the success of the alliance built from Tokyo's defeat in World War II, while promoting a political agenda based on still stronger military and economic ties.
  • Ex- Guantanamo detainees keep up protest in Uruguay
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 3:32 pm
    Four former Guantanamo Bay prisoners protested for a third day Sunday in front of the U.S. Embassy in Uruguay, saying Washington should provide them with housing and financial support because of their prolonged incarceration.
  • Israel says airstrike on Syrian border targeted militants
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 2:57 pm
    Israel's military said Sunday it launched an airstrike on its border with Syria after spotting militants carrying a bomb in the Israeli-held Golan Heights.
  • Mustafa Akinci elected leader of breakaway Turkish Cypriots
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 1:49 pm
    Mustafa Akinci, a veteran politician with a strong track record of reaching out to rival Greek Cypriots, was elected Sunday as leader of the breakaway Turkish Cypriots in ethnically divided Cyprus, pledging to focus his energy on breaking decades of stalemate and achieving an accord reunifying the small island nation.
  • Officials say heavy rains kill 37 in northwest Pakistan
    Associated Press | April 26, 2015 1:17 pm
    Heavy rains and strong winds tore through northwest Pakistan on Sunday, uprooting trees, collapsing buildings and killing at least 37 people, officials said.