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    HTC joins forces with Valve for new ‘Vive’ virtual reality headsetHTC announced a surprise partnership with Valve this morning, unveiling a new virtual reality headset called Vive during an event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The HTC Vive will deliver “the first room-scale experience,” said Jeff Gattis, HTC executive director of global marketing. The device uses 70 sensors for 360-degree tracking. The device sets “a new benchmark for performance and comfort,” he said. ...
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    Led by two brothers, this startup turns smartphones into microphones at events and big meetingsMESA, Ariz. ? During a session on Thursday at Phoenix Startup Week, an investor advised entrepreneurs in the crowd that founders within the same family may have a harder time raising money for their company, let alone building a successful business. Two brothers inside a small garage in Mesa are proving that theory wrong. Sean and Tim Holladay are the co-founders of CrowdMics, a two-year-old startup that lets audie...
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    Confirmed: Samsung’s Galaxy S6 comes with Microsoft apps pre-installedSkype, OneNote and OneDrive are all preloaded on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 devices being shown by the smartphone maker at Mobile World Congress, according to multiple reports out of the event today in Barcelona, Spain. The sightings confirm earlier reports indicating that Microsoft worked out the pre-installation as part of the patent settlement announced between the two companies. Official specs for the Galaxy S6 and new Galaxy S6 Edge also no...
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    Samsung unveils Galaxy S6, shows off Apple Pay competitor with ‘Samsung Pay’At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung today unveiled two new smartphones, a new virtual reality headset, and a mobile payment system that will compete with Apple Pay. The tech giant showed off the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, successors to the Galaxy S5 that feature new metal casings. Both are quite similar in specs and looks, but the Edge has a curved design on each side of the device. The devices, which have a 16-megapixel r...
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    App of the Week: Bond helps you stay in touch with friends and familyEven with all the communication tools at our disposal, it can be hard to remember to stay in touch with people we love and care about. We live busy lives, and that means sometimes forgetting to call, text or email just to check in. Enter Bond: an iPhone app designed to keep you in touch with the important people in your life. The app connects with several different communication and messaging services, and reminds users to keep in touch with t...
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    Pedal carts, skate parks, and giant slides at GoDaddy’s new Tempe engineering centerTEMPE, Ariz. ? Less than two minutes after entering GoDaddy’s new engineering center in Tempe, I was taken aback when an employee whizzed down a slide from the second floor into the cafeteria. Then, once arriving upstairs, I was riding a green and black pedal cart around the outskirts of the office. A half hour later, I basked in the Arizona sun on the concrete basketball and sand volleyball courts. Yes, this does seem like a pretty fun...
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    GeekWire Radio: Envisioning the future of work, and life, in 5-10 yearsThis week on the GeekWire radio show, we get a glimpse of the future, going behind the scenes of Microsoft’s new “Productivity Future Vision” video with one of the people responsible for the project. The video presents a vision of work and communications in 5 to 10 years ? with 3D holograms annotating the world around us; bendable, fluid displays that adjust depending on who’s viewing them; intelligent virtual age...

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  • Local town may receive $3 million to boost small businesses Local town may receive $3 million to boost small businesses Frontier Communications and Dish Network have launched a program dedicating more than $10 million in cash and other rewards to support and inspire the kinds of creativity and innovation that transform communities with results and long-term growth.
  • 5 Things You Need to Know about Fiber Optic Internet 5 Things You Need to Know about Fiber Optic InternetThough electricity is a given these days, widespread high-speed Internet is not. That's why President Barack Obama has made history in recent weeks with his announcement of a new initiative to support community broadband projects.
  • From Voice to Choice: Telecom Adapts to Remain Competitive From Voice to Choice: Telecom Adapts to Remain CompetitiveOn April 1st, Frontier launched a new commercial brand, Frontier Business Edge, which offers small, medium and enterprise sized companies a choice of solutions including fast Internet speeds, unlimited voice, data networking, cloud services, supporting equipment, and more.

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