TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

Is the lesson sinking in?

So. What's the worst thing that could happen near Ferguson, Missouri?

New poll, same results

Did you hear how the President opened Monday's news conference?

The cooler heads speak out

At the Greater St. Mark's Family church in Ferguson, Missouri, the town where an unarmed Michael Brown was shot last week, a small crowd of about 50 heard State Attorney General Chris Koster apologize.

The culture of cruelty

Since Robin Williams died, amateur Internet shrinks have been busy diagnosing a person they never met.

You will win, but people will hate you

Scrabble is the only board game I still play. Not to brag, but the fact is, I usually win. Until, this week when my daughter beat me by two points. It was quite a shock.

Lauren Bacall's trouble with men

She was a Hollywood legend who kept company with Presidents and could freeze a man with that deep voice and that famous no-nonsense "Look."

Bring the fun back

From what I can see, and admittedly this is anecdotal, the no texting while driving laws aren't working.

There is an Indonesian monkey who needs a good attorney

Three years ago, British photographer David Slater was on a guided tour of an Indonesian forest when he experienced what I assume is every Indonesian tourists dream: a close encounter with a crested black macaque.

This man says he could end Israel-Palestine fighting tomorrow

In recent years every fights between Israel and the Palestinians peters out in a could of confusion, with both sides claiming victory. The deputy speaker of the Israeli Knesset says this fight should end differently.

Cliff Mass: Pacific Northwest will be winner in climate change

As you know, climate change is here. There is some debate perhaps over whether it is man-made or not, but it's pretty clear things are changing. University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Professor Cliff Mass has been looking at what will happen to different areas as we move into the next century and he says there will be some winners and there will be some losers.

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