TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

Ban the box

CBS's legal analyst Andrew Cohen has been trying to call attention to the growing prison population in the United States.

Well that was kind of underwhelming

For the approximately four million undocumented-but-otherwise-law-abiding parents who have been here for at least five years and whose children were born here as of Thursday, and who agree to pay all taxes, and who make it through a background check, we'll sell them some valid documents for a fee.

Why Americans are so divided

The big immigration announcement will once again see Americans choosing sides.

Democrat vs. Democrat

The Keystone XL Pipeline came up one vote short in the U.S. Senate last night, after a debate requested by Senator Mary Landrieu, who is faces losing her seat in next month's runoff election in Louisiana.

Capitol Hill Kumbayah

There's really no market for stories that reflect well on Congress - which must be why almost no one covered the passage of this bill last week: The Government Report Eliminations Act of 2014.

Obamacare's smoking gun

It's this clip - from last year - of MIT economist Jonathan Gruber. He was a consultant on Romneycare and Obamacare, and he admitted that health care reform was a cleverly-disguised tax designed to trick stupid voters into permitting the government to transfer money from healthy people to sick people.

Who benefits from the Keystone pipeline?

Despite the election, there are Democrats still trying to stop the Keystone XL pipeline - like Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee.

They will not comply

In Washington State last week, voters gave a 60 percent majority to Initiative 594 - an initiative that closes the gun show loophole.

Will a dip in Green Lake make you more stupid?

The headline says that scientists have discovered a virus that makes humans more stupid and it's been found in water.

What happened to the epidemic?

A month ago the big story was the Ebola epidemic that was knocking on America's door. To the point that, parents at one elementary school panicked over two new students who had just come from Rwanda - nowhere near the outbreak.

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