TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

Are you a precrastinator? Procrastination might not be your biggest problem

You may think that one of America's biggest problems is procrastination. It turns out that is not the case, it's pre-crastination.

Are you cheating on your dog?

It's something you need to think about because according to psychologist Christine Harris at the University of California, San Diego, "Dogs tend to show jealous like behavior when their owner pays attention and affection to another dog-like being."

Is the clock ticking on your health care?

Two federal courts have just issued two opposite rulings on Obamacare. Depending on which one stands, about 7 million working class Americans will either keep or lose their health insurance.

The dance begins

The UN Security Council has passed a unanimous resolution "condemning in the strongest terms" the "downing" of the Malaysian Airlines jet on July 17.

Dave Ross just bought a robot for his home

I did a crazy thing last week. I saw a story about a new robot on one of those crowdfunding sites and bought one for $499.

Mr.Putin's decision to provide arms to his friends seems to have backfired

United States intelligence now has persuasive evidence that the doomed Malaysian Air jet was shot down by Ukrainian separatists using weapons provided by Russia.

Now it's everybody's business

It's like our gang problem, isn't it? As long as the gangs kill each other, we unfortunately, tend to tolerate a certain level of violence. But when the bullets stray into the nice neighborhoods, then it becomes everybody's business.

Compassion, American style

Everybody seems to agree that the thousands of immigrant children scrambling across the southern border deserve compassion.

When one California just isn't enough

"Right not we've got one state, we pay the most and we get the worst service," says billionaire Tim Draper.

'The Mikado' debate: Dave Ross vs. Seattle Times' Sharon Pian Chan

Listen to the debate between KIRO Radio's Dave Ross and Seattle Times' Sharon Pian Chang.

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