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Nirvana, Ronstadt among Rock Hall of Fame noms

Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, and The Replacements are among first-time nominees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Macklemore debuts video that shut down Seattle's Capitol Hill

Seattle's Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have just released the video that shut down Capitol Hill as thousands of fans converged to be a part of it back in July.

Paul Allen shows off guitar skills with big-name backing on newly released album

It's no surprise Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is a music lover who just released a new album of original rock and roll. But what is a surprise is that it's actually really good.

Westboro Baptist Church targets Macklemore concert in home state

The anti-gay church known for picketing funerals has set its sights on Seattle's Macklemore and Ryan Lewis along with singer Mary Lambert for their hit same-sex marriage anthem "Same Love." And the handful of Westboro Baptist Church members don't have to travel far to unleash their latest round of anti-gay vitriol.

Macklemore video shoot mania rekindles fond memories for Seattle's Sir Mix-A-Lot

It's one of those moments that'll go down in music history, at least in Seattle. Macklemore's video shoot atop the Dick's Drive-In hamburger joint that drew thousands of frenzied fans to Seattle's Capitol Hill harkens back to other iconic rooftop gigs like U2 in LA or the Beatles atop Apple Records in London. But many have no idea the whole thing was actually an homage to Seattle's first hip-hop star Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Macklemore shuts down Seattle's Capitol Hill, Dick's Drive-In for music video

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fans shut down Seattle's Capitol Hill when they filmed a music video on top of Dick's Drive-In.

Seattle cellist adds sound to Alfred Hitchcock's silent movies

Cellist and composer Lori Goldston and vocalist Jessika Kenney perform a sample of their silent film score they'll play to accompany two Alfred Hitchcock silent films for the Seattle International Film Festival.

Pat O'Day recounts falling for epic Paul McCartney marriage hoax

Paul McCartney's return to Seattle Friday for his highly anticipated Safeco Field show is stirring some embarrassing memories for iconic Seattle DJ and concert promoter Pat O'Day.

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