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Rachel Belle
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Tune in to KIRO Radio on Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at 3pm for Ring my Belle with Rachel Belle.

Who is Rachel Belle?
Rachel Belle's "Ring My Belle" segment airs Monday-Friday on The Ron & Don Show at 4:37pm and 6:37pm. You can hear "Ring My Belle Weekends" Saturdays at 5:00pm Sundays at 3:00pm. Rachel is a northern California native who loves anything and everything culinary, playing Scrabble, petting cats and performing improv.

Please send Rachel your story ideas, weekend events and taco truck tips!

Fat Shaming: Can a doctor tell a patient she's obese?

Many overweight people have had awkward and hurtful experiences at a doctor's office. They go in for an ear infection and the doctor would rather talk about losing weight. This is often called 'fat shaming.' A Seattle 'fat positive' woman and an obesity doctor from Swedish weigh in on the issue.

Farmstr.com: Local, Farm Fresh Foods, No Market Required

Seattle's Janelle Maiocco dreamed up Farmstr: a way for farmers to connect directly with consumers, sort of like a craigslist for local, organic produce, meat, eggs and milk. You can get good deals on food straight from the farm, based on what the farmer has to offer.

Chelsea Handler blasts Piers Morgan in interview

Outspoken female comedian Chelsea Handler wasn't happy with how Piers Morgan was handling her as a guest.

Find Your Dream Job: Two Seattle Women Share How They Got Theirs

The story of two Seattle women who ventured out on their own, completely switched careers, and followed their career passions. In the end, they both love going to work everyday. Perhaps it's your turn?

Youth In Focus Changes Teens, One Photo at a Time

Youth In Focus is an after-school program for at-risk or struggling teens, that uses photography as a catalyst for positive change.

Seattle's First Marijuana Tour is Set to Launch

Kush Tourism is launching, what they say is, Seattle's first marijuana tour. It will be a smoke-free, behind the scenes look at many facets of pot culture, including marijuana cookery and glass pipe blowing.

Aleksa Manila: Counselor By Day, Drag Queen By Night

Aleks Martin is a drug and alcohol counselor in Seattle, but at night he transforms into Aleksa Manila, a glamorous drag queen who\'s donned hundreds of wigs and billions of sequins.

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Brings Smiles...But No Hot Dogs!

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile made a pit stop at the KIRO Radio studio today and Rachel Belle learned about who drives the 27 foot long hot dogs, the history of the Wienermobile and why there isn't a single hot dog on board.

Homeless Grandma? There's A National Senior Housing Crisis

Colleen Clark, 75, is trying to find senior housing, but she's found no availability for an elderly person with section 8 housing. Her issues have been confirmed by the City of Seattle Aging and Disability Services department. There is a national housing shortage for seniors that needs to be solved.

How to Grieve in the Era of Social Media

Social media has changed the way we grieve. Instead of an obituary, we can tell a loved one's story to thousands with a click of a mouse. These are two very different stories about grieving with social media. One, the wife of a Lakewood police sergeant killed in 2009, the other is about NPR's Scott Simon tweeting while his mother was in the ICU.

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