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Laugh it up: Tenino's mayor is also a comedian

Mayor may be his title, but it's not his full time job. Now Eric Strawn is catching flack from folks for his newest hobby: stand up comedy.

More powerful than ever

The NRA is getting heat not just from gun control groups, but also from some of its own members for its series of robocalls to thousands of homes in the Northeast - including homes in Newtown Connecticut, the scene of the Sandy Hook school massacre.

Report: Kids more hazardous than cell phones in the car

The results of a recent study say driving with your kids may be more hazardous than driving with your cell phone.

American Academy of Pediatrics backs gay marriage

The nation's most influential pediatrician's group says gays should be allowed to marry to help ensure the health and well-being of their children.

My Week With Fidel & Ernest

We're back in Miami after 8 days in Cuba - a vacation my wife and I chose because a) it's warm, b) we've never been there, c) the US government somehow feels threatened by the cigars, so we had to see them for ourselves.

Cuddle up to 'Frankenfish?' Author makes case for genetically-modified animals

A lot of people get squeamish at the thought of eating what some call "frankenfish," or other genetically-modified animals, but writer Emily Anthes tells KIRO Radio's Ross and Burbank Show that we should give it a chance.

Cops shoot down Washington state gun control deal

What was thought to be a pending deal on a key gun-control measure in the state legislature appears to be getting shot down by a dispute over whether to keep a database of gun sales.

Seattle mayor regrets public fighting; wants to sit down with city attorney, monitor

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says he's ready to end the squabbling and work together with the city attorney and the independent monitor on a plan to reform the Seattle Police Department.

A few ideas to save Seattle's Fourth of July fireworks show

After the public stepped up to save Seattle's Fourth of July fireworks show in 2010, the show's producers are going to the pot again, asking for donations for the 2013 show. But KIRO Radio's Dave Ross who actually launched the 2010 drive for donations is doubtful this route can continue to deliver. But he has a few other ideas.

Seattle mayor vs. city attorney: 'Who's really in charge?'

While he won't call it an outright power grab, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says he and City Attorney Pete Holmes have a fundamental disagreement about who's really in charge.

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