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Newly released 911 tapes reveal terror in Marysville-Pilchuck cafeteria shooting

Newly released 911 recordings capture the terror of the Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting as the teacher credited with intervening frantically calls for help.

Washington man requesting police post all body-cam videos to YouTube

There's one man here in our area who is requesting all the police body cam videos in the state be put on YouTube. Dori invited him on the show to talk about the idea.

Seahawks 12th Man flag raiser brings a tear to Dori's eye

The man raising the 12th Man flag at the Seahawks game on Sunday may not have been able to see the crowd or the game, but he says it was still a huge honor.

Metro investigating alleged hit-and-run; driver on paid leave

A bus driver is on paid leave while Metro Transit investigates allegations of a hit-and-run collision last week.

Help this inspirational little girl help others

Amazing 12-year-old Cass Reynolds appeared on The Dori Monson Show on Friday to tell us about a new effort she's launching to help others.

Updated: Man believes he was victim of Metro hit-and-run in downtown Seattle

A man says witnesses report his car was damaged in a hit-and-run incident involving a Metro bus in downtown Seattle.

Gov. Jay Inslee, Dori discuss governor's plan to reduce carbon pollution

Gov. Jay Inslee appeared on KIRO Radio's Dori Monson Show this week.

Seattle doesn't have highest tax burden, so there must be room for more

What's coming down the road with taxes in Seattle following Tuesday's election? I'll tell you one thing, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray thinks Seattle people aren't taxed enough.

Cremation, burial or compost? Seattle woman proposing new way to dispose of deceased

A Seattle woman has come up with a new plan to dispose of bodies when people die: compost them.

Dori Monson 'deeply offended' by DirecTV ad making fun of his medical condition

Dori Monson is very upset that a new DirecTV ad is making fun of a medical condition from which he suffers.

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