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Andrew Walsh goes to the Washington State Fair

KIRO Radio's Andrew Walsh took a trip to the Washington State Fair and shared an on-air recap and photos.

Ask the barber: Tipping, baldness and what not to say

Sure you should tip the person cutting your hair - but how much? Well that was a question from KIRO Radio's Andrew Walsh and part of the reason why he wanted to start a new segment: Ask the Barber! Alycen from Rudy's on Capitol Hill joined Andrew to share her wisdom as a seasoned barber/stylist.

How do you survive talking politics with family?

This may be my favorite political ad I've ever seen. I am obviously the target for it. I am the type of person this ad is supposed to work on, and it does work on me.

Luke Burbank says apparent Microsoft online ad fail was actually a success

Even though Microsoft pulled down a recent ad the internet apparently declared a failure in a massive backlash, the actor in the ad, who happens to be a former KIRO Radio personality, said he thinks the whole thing was actually a success.

Are pandas a waste of time and money?

Editorial writer for Blooberg news, Timothy lavin walked into a market Wednesday afternoon and was immediately asked by a stranger, "Have you no soul?"

No one should be shocked Bertha is behind schedule on tunnel

The world's largest tunneling machine has only drilled 24 feet in a month to create a new route for Highway 99 under downtown Seattle. While some might be outraged with the fact that the project is already two weeks behind schedule, KIRO Radio's John Curley thinks no one should be surprised.

'Desk rage' taking over the office space

A new study says a good number of workers can't make it to noon on Monday without hitting their threshold and experiencing desk rage.

Dad wishes daughter 'awesome sex': Thoughtful or creepy?

Not surprisingly, a letter from a dad to his daughter titled, "Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex," is taking the Internet by storm.

Double-dipping signature-gatherers causing confusion over dueling gun initiatives

If you've been asked to sign initiatives for two competing gun measures by the same signature gatherer, you're not alone. And both sides are trying to put a stop to the confusion.

Kidnapping victim Hannah Anderson speaks out through social media

16-year-old Hannah Anderson who was kidnapped by family friend, James DiMaggio, returns home and has broken her silence through social media.

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