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Was Seattle Children's Hospital wrong for autism bus ad?

Seattle Children's Hospital has agreed to pull down bus ads featuring a young boy with the message: "Let's wipe out cancer, diabetes and autism in his lifetime," after receiving complaints on their Facebook page.

Your flips-flops are grossing everyone out

If you're sporting a toe-wedgie right now, Dana Stevens' Slate article about flip-flops is for you.

Bike expert calls riding some Seattle streets appalling and 'death-defying'

With a bike riding mayor leading the charge, Seattle is commonly considered one of the best places for bicycle riding. But after taking a tour around town, one expert says some of our streets are among the worst he's ever encountered.

Entomologist tests his tenacity against a Volkswagen-sized wasp nest

An enormous yellow jacket wasp nest found thriving in the woods so alarmed hunters, that an expert in flying insects had to be brought in to deal with it - and that expert has a harrowing tale to tell.

Pat O'Day not calling hydro races at Seafair for first time in 46 years

Seattle broadcast legend Pat O'Day will not be the voice of the hydro races at Seafair this year. O'Day said he spoke with Seafair broadcast partner KIRO 7 a few weeks ago and they told him they would not be needing his services this year.

Skagit Valley businesses tally losses, celebrate opening of I-5 bridge

Business owners across Skagit County are breathing a collective sigh of relief after Wednesday's re-opening of the I-5 Skagit River bridge.

Artist behind mysterious sculpture off Bainbridge Island comes clean

For months, people have been trying to figure out who put a huge sculpture of a person doing a yoga pose on off Bainbridge Island. Now, the mystery has been solved.

Another iconic Seattle movie theater set to close

Another classic Seattle movie screen appears to be going dark. Reports say the Landmark Theater chain will shut down Capitol Hill's Egyptian Theater at the end of the month.

Controversy over 'Redskins' name heats up in both Washingtons

The controversy over Native American mascots is reaching a fever pitch in both Washington's, amidst calls to drop the Redskins moniker from Port Townsend's high school and Washington D.C's NFL team.

Small business owner argues against Seattle 'second chance bill'

Small business owner Brian Robinson isn't necessarily opposed to hiring someone with a criminal record, but he's frustrated a new bill just passed by the Seattle City Council won't even let him ask about it until after an initial screening.

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