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Tacoma zoo's trained owl spooked, flies off

A Tacoma zoo says a Eurasian eagle owl named Forrest that is trained to fly during performances of its outdoor theater got spooked and flew off into a nearby park.

Seattle rideshare ordinance suspended

Critics of Seattle's new ordinance regulating rideshare companies have filed enough signatures to suspend an ordinance that regulates the companies like UberX and Lyft.

Owl escapes from Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma

An eagle owl has escaped from the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma.

Investigation reveals bunker on wanted couple's Yelm property

An investigation into two Yelm residents wanted in Romania for crimes of tax evasion and support of an organized crime group has revealed an elaborate underground bunker.

Video: Man apologizes for staged child abduction in Sequim

People reacted pretty strongly to a fake child abduction in Sequim. The man behind the video wants to apologize to witnesses in the park.

Skagit Valley tulips in full bloom; open on Easter

Most flower fields near Mount Vernon will be in full bloom this weekend as the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival continues through the month of April.

Supporters of Prop. 1 say if it fails, we'll take zip lines to work

Supporters of Proposition 1 have some interesting alternatives in mind if bus service suffers significant cuts.

Bellevue cop fired over fellow cop's DUI stop

The Bellevue Police Department has fired an officer who did not arrest a fellow officer in a drunken driving stop.

Seattle police prepare for May Day marchers

After violence on May Day the past two years, Seattle police say they're ready for marches this May 1.

Bellevue officer fired for lying about cop stopped for DUI

Bellevue Police have fired an officer who stopped a fellow cop for drunk driving, but let him go.

Mariners announcer needs signature Robinson Cano call

"Goodbye baseball!" "Holy Smokes!" "Dustin and Justin are bustin'!" Mariners announcer Rick Rizzs has a lot of great lines, but he needs a signature call for new Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano.

Few volunteers needed at Oso mudslide

Nearly a month after the mudslide hit Oso, hundreds of people are still searching for bodies and clearing debris, but few of them are volunteers.

'Oso Clean' doing dirty work for mudslide volunteers, victims

Although business is booming these days at the Suds & Duds laundromat in Arlington, owner Brett McGhie isn't making much money. And he couldn't be happier, since much of the laundry is from the Oso mudslide.

Fish ladder working at dam

The modified fish ladders are working at the damaged Wanapum Dam, but wildlife officials still plan to catch and transport some salmon and steelhead around the structure in trucks.

Flowers blooming for Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Most flower fields near Mount Vernon will be in full bloom this weekend as the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival continues through the month of April.

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