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Fund set up for family of Port Orchard murder victim

A friend is trying to help out the family of murder victim Amber Lynn Coplin. The woman, whose body was found Tuesday, is the mother of five boys.

What kind of website allows people to post murder photos? A look at 4chan

Images appearing to be a Port Orchard murder victim were posted to the website "4chan" this week before police were even alerted to the crime. Libby Denkmann takes a closer look at 4chan.

The psychology behind hoarding, and the local company who'll help you clean up your act

A Seattle woman hasn't allowed a single person into her home for five years, embarrassed that it's completely jammed packed with garbage and stuff. A secret hoarder, she's now working with Bio Clean, a local company that specializes in cleaning up hoarder houses, murder scenes and anything else that no one else wants to clean up.

A culinary pho-nomenon: The history of pho in Seattle

It's hard to walk a few blocks in Seattle without stumbling upon a pho restaurant. But I wondered what sparked the popularity of this Vietnamese soup in our city. What's the history behind it? Here you'll meet the owner of Seattle's first pho restaurant & the Governor who opened the state's doors to Vietnamese immigrants.

Girl Scout leaders desperately needed, being a parent not required

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington says there are 2,600 girls in 17 different counties who are on a waiting list to join a troop, but there jsut aren't enough troop leaders. In this story, we meet a woman who became a Girl Scout troop leader 12 years ago, despite not being a parent or ever having been a Girl Scout, and stuck with her troop until they recently graduated from high school. The troop's story of success and friendship is truly inspiring.

Why no laws about guns and kids in Washington?

Despite a string of incidents where children got a hold of guns at home, there are currently no state laws addressing the issue.

Pete Carroll, Seahawks share experiences from Marysville-Pilchuck visit

It might have been an awe-inspiring experience for the kids, but Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said welcoming the Marysville-Pilchuck High School football team to practice at team headquarters was "an amazing experience" for his team as well.

Prosecutor on school threats: Bad jokes that cause people reasonable fear are crimes

Two Tacoma students say they were only joking when they allegedly made threats against their schools, but now those boys are charged with felony harassment.

Why is there so much support for Marysville shooter?

Among the balloons and flowers tied to the chain-link fence outside Marysville-Pilchuck High School are these: a white wrestling shoe; a youth football team photo, with one player encased in a red-marker heart; and a candle covered with a plastic cup bearing the name "Jaylen."

Why Google when you can ask the know-it-alls at the Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library's Quick Information Center (QIC) has been operating since 1976, and it's still going strong even with the Internet. A staff of 25 will try and answer any question you throw at them, over the phone, in five minutes or less. They receive about 300 calls a day.

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