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  • Who does CBS speak for anyway?
    David Boze | April 28, 2015 11:27 am
    CBS News host Bob Schieffer offered an absolutely outrageous and idiotic opening question to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) in which he cited the Southern Poverty Law center's smearing of the FRC as a "hate group" (same group that listed Dr. Ben Carson as a KKK equivalent recently).
  • People! Stop for the school buses!
    David Boze | April 28, 2015 10:43 am
    I almost wept watching this video seeing how close these precious little ones came to being killed.
  • What Dr. Ben Carson should say in Detroit
    April 24, 2015 1:14 pm
    On May 4, when Dr. Ben Carson walks to the stage of the Detroit Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts, he will likely be thinking about the principles that made this country great, about the financial and moral dangers our country is in, and about the rise of our adversaries around the globe including ISIS, Iran, North Korea, and growing aggression from Russia and China.
  • You can't drive 75 thanks to Washington Gov. Inslee
    April 23, 2015 11:55 am
    Governor Jay Inslee vetoed a bill that would allow drivers to travel 75 miles per hour on some Washington highways. Boze disagrees with the governor.
  • Teachers need to do more research before striking
    April 20, 2015 12:54 pm
    AM 770 KTTH's David Boze considers the upcoming teachers' strikes in light of recent funding increases.
  • Gravity Payment worker celebrates $70K salary
    Richard D. Oxley | April 16, 2015 2:07 pm
    Boorman was making $41,000 and received an instant pay bump to $50,000 which will rise to $70,000 over the next three years. David Boze is skeptical of the $70,000 raise for a few reasons.
  • Marco Rubio enters the presidential race with earnest, positive speech
    April 14, 2015 3:46 pm
    Marco Rubio is the latest presidential candidate to enter the race, and he did so with a moving speech that relied on the American dream he has lived himself.
  • What does it mean to be 'Ready for Hillary?'
    David Boze | April 14, 2015 11:28 am
    Prior to the release of Hillary Clinton's announcement video, "Getting Started," that answer has largely been a vague feeling that Hillary would make a great president because she's a woman who has held three important job titles and she has traveled a lot. It turns out it means even less than that.
  • Typo is the most honest thing in Hillary Clinton's campaign announcement
    April 13, 2015 7:16 am
    Hillary is in it, and she's in it to lose it. I mean in it to win it.
  • Rand's brand
    David Boze | April 07, 2015 1:39 pm
    In what may be the least surprising news of the day, Rand Paul has declared he's running for president. The only surprising thing about the announcement was that he was considerably late delivering it.
  • Protesters of Shell Oil must support unemployment
    April 06, 2015 11:27 am
    A local group in Seattle has decided to march out against Shell Oil. Why?
  • Let politicians dump money into bus ads, reduce taxes
    April 03, 2015 12:10 pm
    King County Metro will not let a Seattle City Council member pay for an advertisement that would generate $10,000 in revenue.
  • 'Furious 7' a tearjerker?
    David Boze | April 03, 2015 11:18 am
    Without giving plot points away, the most surprising thing about my viewing of Furious 7, the latest in the wildly successful franchise about car thieves-turned lawmen-turned vigilante super-spies, was that in the closing minutes of the film I started to hear sobbing.
  • They're not the same
    David Boze | April 01, 2015 9:31 am
    I've been told there IS NO DIFFERENCE between the democrats and republicans and BOTH are equally ignorant.
  • Seattle mayor is reading Indiana law all wrong
    March 30, 2015 12:21 pm
    Liberals, like Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, have poured out into the streets by the thousands and there's a social media campaign to demonize Indiana without actually taking a deep breath and looking at what it says.

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