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The Little Red Book of Obamunism: Quotations from The One
It's the must-have election resource of 2012! It's a pocket-sized collection that reveals not just what the president says, but what he means!
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Kumar Joe, The Singing Crow
Kumar Joe, the Singing Crow is the tale of a little crow who was born with a heart for music, but not a voice for it.
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Urge to dump unions in Washington?

David Boze reports on the desire among some workers in Washington to dump their big unions - and the requisite dues.

Cap college tuition, cap college costs

David Boze talks with a Spokane state senator about a radical plan to change the way students pay college tuition in Washington

U.S. slips in economic freedom ranking

For the first time ever, the U.S. has slipped out of the top 10 countries for economic freedom according to a Heritage Foundation study

Shapiro battles CEO Nick Hanauer over minimum wage

Ben Shapiro hosts a hot debate with Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer over raising the minimum wage to $15.

Not state's role to punish parents who smoke in car

The idea that a parent is somehow deserving of the power of the state to come along and fine them because they're smoking in the car is just absurd.

The difference between Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick

A comparison of each quarterback's Instagram account shows who has more heart.

$15 minimum wage and then what?

David Boze wonders if the $15 minimum wage is a modest gateway to more extreme socialist policies.

Ben Shapiro joins KTTH

One month after the Sandy Hook shooting, Ben Shapiro undid the liberal anti-gun argument on live TV.

After machinists vote, should state workers get 401Ks?

Boze wonders whether it would be a nice show of solidarity for state workers to take 401K retirement plans like Boeing workers did.

This is what economic destruction looks like?

Do machinist union leaders really think that accepting Boeing's contract offer would mean 'economic destruction'?

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