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Husband turns on wife, says she's to blame for adopted daughter's death

A Sedro-Woolley couple will be sentenced this week for the death of their daughter adopted from Ethiopia. The husband says his wife is to blame and he wants a new trial.

Washington judge admonished for saying he's 'uncomfortable' marrying same-sex couples

A Washington Superior Court judge won't perform any weddings, after being admonished for saying he didn't want to marry same-sex couples.

Seattle to buy land 103-year-old woman doesn't want to sell

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously to acquire, through negotiation or condemnation, a prime parking lot near the waterfront that a 103-year-old woman refuses to sell.

Seahawks fix: Story behind 'What Does the Hawk Say' video

What does the Hawk say? "Win, win, win, win, win, win, win." A parody song becomes a video to pass the time until the Seahawks play Monday night, October 28th.

'Bezos rules Amazon employees with ice water in his veins'

Amazon.com can be a confrontational, challenging place to because of its CEO who's described in a new book as being "ruthless" wtih "ice water running through his veins."

UW researcher: Nearly a half million deaths from Iraq War

Researchers from four institutions, including the University of Washington, say 461,000 deaths are related to the Iraq war from 2003 through 2011.

Worst-case scenario Northwest earthquake - Full Rip 9.0

A new scenario from scientists finds the impact of a "full rip" 9.0 earthquake in the Northwest would be the loss of 10,000 lives and more than 30,000 people injured.

A doubting Thomas about the Guinness crowd noise record

A local math and acoustics whiz didn't believe the record we broke when I talked to him before Seattle's original attempt to break the world noise record. He's just as skeptical about our next attempt.

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