TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

The General who talks to a name on the wall

What you notice about veterans, especially those who've seen combat, is that the stories they tell are rarely about themselves.

It's what happens when too many people go bananas

Twenty-five years ago, when the Berlin Wall opened - I spent a week there watching the celebrations.

The countdown is on

President Obama is ready to use the nuclear option: an executive order to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants.

Is Washington finally ready to do business?

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, majority leader in waiting, was all smiles in his first news conference since his election victory, saying Republicans do not want a fight.

Is your vote really a choice?

More and more evidence indicates that human beings make decisions based on emotion even when we think we're using logic.

How to vote more than once legally

A lot of people look forward to Election Day for one reason. It means the ads finally stop.

They want you. Maybe.

You are a hot commodity, my fellow voters. The analysts agree the key to which party prevails in tomorrow's election is one thing: turnout.

Even on political sitcoms, entertainment, not politics, comes first

One of the Amazon original shows that's been gaining steam over the past year is "Alpha House." Its second season was released this week.

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Sunday night, the semi annual ritual is here and some of us complain about it.

Summoning the demon

If you don't know who Elon Musk is, he founded Tesla Motors, which makes electric cars that drive like a rocket ship. He also founded Space X, which makes actual rocket ships.

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