TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

He says the commuter culture is doomed

As gas prices go up, and as Congress continues to dither over the cost of maintaining he nation's highways, Thomas Fisher, dean of the University of Minnesota's design college, says we are simply seeing the natural consequences of America's car culture.

The pursuit of happiness

Every year the public reading of Declaration of Independence is re-enacted outside Independence Hall: "That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

How do you define a 'believer?'

Religious groups which contract with the federal government are asking the Obama administration to cut them some slack.

The Christian Caliphate?

The Hobby Lobby decision has the Internet in convulsions, so let me make a few neutral observations.

Technology changes the alphabet

You'll find them in the "settings" option on your smart phone: hidden keyboards that take you far beyond the alphabet you grew up with, far beyond the foreign alphabets you never learned, far beyond even wingdings, all the way into the land of emojis.

The Insanity will have to wait

Remember how terrifying Splash Mountain used to be? Rides like that are for grandma now.

Think a conference call with Asia is hard? Try communicating with your wife

Workplaces are increasingly multicultural, meaning there are diverse ideas about how to get things done, communicate, handle conflicts, work in teams and be respectful. But an expert on intercultural communication says one of the most obvious places to see cultural differences in how we interact might be in our own home.

How to win by losing

By now you've heard the news, team USA lost to Germany, 1-0, but by the "quirky" calculus of World Cup competition, it's still in the running.

Is your phone listening to you?

There's a software company in Italy called "The Hacking Team." Guess what kind of service they offer to their customers?

Can Congress control its own monster?

There are now six ongoing investigations - costing $14 million so far -into whether the IRS deliberately withheld tax exemptions from certain conservative groups.

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