TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

It never crossed his mind

Last week, ESPN last week ran a long article alleging that the Baltimore Ravens knew there was clear video evidence of the sucker punch running back Ray Rice threw at his then-girlfriend - but deliberately covered it up.

Should the president have listened to the experts?

Speaking on 60 Minutes former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said he, along with a majority of President Obama's national security advisers, recommended two years ago that Syrian rebels should be armed.

Equal time for Rand Paul

So today, some equal time for Senator Rand Paul who can't believe we're on the brink of yet another Middle East war.

Let's meet the folks we're getting in bed with

We are about to get in bed with various Syrian rebels - rebels we have been hesitant to arm for fear the weapons might end up in the wrong hands. But skeptical Senators got some reassurance yesterday that there is indeed a moderate opposition.

The fate of the world may depend on what 'yes' means

The subject before the Senate Armed Services committee Tuesday was the President's plan to cripple the radical Islamic army known as ISIL.

What if Great Britain ends up as Teensy Weensy Britain?

Scotland is about to vote on whether to break up an alliance going back to 1707 and become independent from the United Kingdom.

Students, grab your joysticks

Here comes a whole new college marketing angle.

Maybe minds can be changed

The polls show Americans are fed up with their do-nothing Congress. But politicians will tell you, 'We have no choice. We're stubborn because the voters are stubborn.'

Time for some courage!

The War on Terror is back but some Americans are doing all they can to help us lose it.

For those of you waiting for the future - good news. It's here.

Apple announces Apple Watch and Apple Pay - and just like that, in 24 hours, we find ourselves in the future.

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