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What's Ringing Rachel's 'Belle'?

Rachel Belle

  • Vacant Seattle Buildings Explode with Art & Music Before Demolition
    Rachel Belle | October 21, 2014 5:45 pm
    A Seattle arts collective called Love City Love has been making deals with developers to use vacant buildings as art spaces before they're knocked down and replaced with condos. Their latest space is a former Azteca/Don Eduardo Mexican restaurant on Eastlake, and this time the developers offered them the space.
  • Meet the woman who will clean up Ebola in Washington state
    Rachel Belle | October 20, 2014 5:39 pm
    Theresa Borst owns Bio Clean Inc: "We clean up after suicides and homicides, decomposed bodies, meth lab cleanup, hoarders, industrial accidents, car accidents, trains, planes, automobiles, oil spills, sewage, mold. Everything gross that nobody else wants to do." And the King County Health department has asked her to help create protocol, and do any actual clean up, if someone in our state is exposed to Ebola. She explains how she'll do it.
  • Seattle's best trick or treat neighborhoods
    Rachel Belle | October 16, 2014 6:01 pm
    Zillow has just put out its list of the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods, based on neighborhood density, safety, walkability and the wealth factor of the neighborhood. Meanwhile, in Mercer Island, one neighborhood gives out candy to 500-1,000 kids!
  • Owners of a Bellevue Quiznos are serving native Indian flavors with a twist
    Rachel Belle | October 15, 2014 6:14 pm
    The owners of the Bellevue Quiznos franchise are Indian, and so are a lot of people who work in Bellevue, so they got special permission to add chicken and paneer tikka sandwiches to the menu. The chutneys are homemade & the sandwiches are selling like crazy. This may reflect a new trend towards Indian fusion flavors in the West.
  • See the Lombardi Trophy at the EMP's new Seahawks Exhibit
    Rachel Belle | October 14, 2014 6:10 pm
    The new Seahawks exhibit opened at the EMP today, with a ribbon cutting ceremony headed by team owner Paul Allen and Coach Pete Carroll.
  • A White House chef is bringing his dishes to Port Angeles
    Rachel Belle | October 09, 2014 6:33 pm
    John Moeller cooked for three Presidential families between 1992 and 2005, and this weekend he'll be cooking some White House dishes, from his new book, at the Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival in Port Angeles. We chatted about presidential palaces and life in the White House kitchen.
  • Seattle City Councilmember wants paid maternity/paternity leave for all city workers
    Rachel Belle | October 08, 2014 5:57 pm
    Right now in Washington state, companies can choose whether or not they provide paid family leave for employees. But Seattle City Councilmember Jean Godden thinks it's important to give all city employees, moms and dads, paid time off to be with their newborns. Only one other city municipality in the country already does this.
  • Learn to be a little more French, in Seattle
    Rachel Belle | October 07, 2014 6:13 pm
    French Truly was started a year ago, by a French woman who realized that Americans want to learn more than just the French language. They want to learn about the culture. So she curates events that include French film, art, music, politics, history and language.
  • The dying art of piano tuning, and a blind Seattle man who's keeping the profession alive
    Rachel Belle | October 02, 2014 6:09 pm
    The average piano tuner is between 55 and 60 years old, and not a lot of young people are entering the profession. But 70 year old Mike Gill has been a piano tuner for 45 years, and he happens to be blind.
  • What happens to knives, multi-tools confiscated by TSA at Sea-Tac? They're sold in Tumwater
    Rachel Belle | October 01, 2014 6:12 pm
    If you've ever gone through airport security and had an item confiscated, you might have wondered where it ended up. Did the TSA agent eat the oversize bottle of salsa you bought in Mexico? Turns out, all the liquids are destroyed, but all of the knives and screwdrivers are sold by a government run agency. All the proceeds go back into the general fund.

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