What's Ringing Rachel's 'Belle'?
Rachel Belle

Inspired by Russell Wilson, a local Value Village worker helps strangers in need

A Ron & Don listener, inspired by cause radio and the Seahawks' Russell Wilson, randomly pulled over to help a couple whose car broke down on the side of I-5. He drove them to Seattle Children's Hospital, where they go several times a week to visit their infant daughter, and ended up raising money to get them a new car. It's the first time he's put himself out there like this and he's in awe of the community's kindness and then friendship he was able to form with the couple.

Homeless and low-income pet owners get free vet care from Doney Memorial Pet Clinic

For the last 28 years, Seattle's Doney Pet Clinic has been providing vet services to homeless and low-income residents who bring in less than $850 a month. The volunteer vets set up shop twice a month at the Union gospel Mission, and care for about 100 pets a month.

Tired of late-night violence, Capitol Hill's 'Outwatch' wants to get you home safe

After hearing about several attacks on the LGTBQ community in Capitol Hill, local business owner Jennifer Dietrich decided she had to do something. So she formed Outwatch, a volunteer patrol group. Outwatch will walk you to your car, drive bartenders home late at night and be on the look out for street harassment.

A Seattle Wedding Venue Abruptly Closes & Refuses to Return $70,000 to 40 Couples

More than 40 couples were contacted by EM Fine Art, a Seattle wedding venue, informing them that the venue is abruptly closing, and they won't be giving anyone a refund. EM's owners are no where to be found, and the couples are struggling to find new venues and to craft a legal case against the owners who allegedly took off with $70,000 in deposit money.

Is the Sharing Economy Forcing Americans To Trust Each Other Again? Airbnb, Lyft & Relay Ride Users Say: Yes

With services like Airbnb, Lyft and Relay Rides in the mainstream, Americans are welcoming strangers into their homes and cars, and making a profit off of it. These options are often a cheaper way to travel, and in the process they might be teaching us to trust strangers again.

Save the Wheel-In Motor Movie Drive-In in Port Townsend

The Wheel-In is the last of the remaining Washington state drive-ins that needs to switch over to a digital format. If they don't, they can no longer operate. They're hoping to raise $35,000 through their Kickstarter campaign (ends Sunday morning) so they can keep the 61 year old iconic theater open!

Board Games Are Back, And Seattle's Techies Are Fueling the Movement

Poor board games were clobbered when the video game came on the scene, stealing the attention of kids and teens everywhere. But now the board game is making a comeback, and many of them are being produced by, and with the help of, the tech industry. Meet the inventor of Robot Turtles and the woman who founded Lady Plainswalkers Society, a Magic the Gathering gaming group for women.

Beth's Cafe: Seattle's Favorite 24/7 Greasy Spoon Turns 60

Beth's Cafe, famous for their gut busting 12-egg omelets (the Southwestern is filled with two bowls of chili!), is celebrating 60 years of around-the-clock greasy spoon dining.

Urban Beekeeping on the Rooftop of a Seattle Hotel

Twelve floors up, on the roof of downtown Seattle's Fairmont Olympic Hotel, are five beehives maintained by Gavin Stephenson, the hotel's executive chef and beekeeper. Gavin says the Fairmont was the first place in the city to do rooftop beekeeping and the incentive was purely environmental."Doing the right thing. They're very delicate. You know, the Colony Collapse Disorder and just bee health and pollination is so important to people that I kind of feel responsible. I have five hives here now. I've got seven or eight at home."

A DIY Brain Zapper Can Help With Memory, Creativity, Depression

A trip to Radio Shack and $30 is all you need to build your own TDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) device that is said to help improve memory, enhance creativity and stave off depression. Wearing the (completely painless) brain zapping device for 20 minutes a day might be your ticket to improving your quality of life.

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