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Dori Monson

Warren Moon returns to spotlight in new NFL documentary

Former University of Washington and Seahawks great Warren Moon gets the spotlight this week when NFL Films debuts a documentary chronicling the Hall of Famer's unprecedented life and career.

Why couldn't you just forget my birthday like last year?

After a big birthday snub last year, Dori was kind of wishing this year people hadn't remembered.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson launches 'Pass the Peace' on Derek Jeter's new Players' Tribune

Derek Jeter is calling out the big names, starting with Super Bowl-winning Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, to provide content for his new media platform "The Players' Tribune."

SPD's overtime scandal another reason to reject tax increases

We're watching out for your tax dollars here with this report that the Seattle Police Department wasted $1 million tax dollars with excessive overtime.

Email from man claiming to be Metro driver points to potential problems in the system

A Metro driver sent Dori an email about some problems he sees in the system.

King County Councilmember questions Metro Transit 'candor', competence

The King County Council's vote Monday to postpone two rounds of planned Metro Transit cuts next year has KIRO Radio's Dori Monson again calling agency brass "liars."

What is Dori trying to say here?

After his 3 p.m. flight got canceled, Dori got moved to a 2:30 a.m. flight. He can't sleep when he hasn't done show prep, so when he got home he started shooting out emails. Here's what they looked like:

Dori Monson: Panhandling shouldn't be banned in downtown Seattle

A downtown Seattle business owner wants a ban on panhandling. But Dori Monson doesn't think it should be banned.

Kshama Sawant's resolution on Seattle power rates fails to get a vote

A proposal to study possible changes in the way Seattle City Light bills its customers was shot down during a city council committee hearing.

Seattle government will have agents looking through your trash

The government is going to start looking through your garbage in Seattle. This is really exciting news. I want government workers looking through my trash and I'm sure you do too.

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