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Seattle City Council to consider changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day

Columbus Day may soon be no more in the City of Seattle.

Blue-ribbon-winning buttermilk pie recipe

There's quite a controversy after a Kentucky State Fair pie winner admitted to using a store-bough Pillsbury crust.

Should city employee be asking fellow workers to contribute to mayor's honeymoon?

How would you feel if you got a company-wide email notifying you of the boss' honeymoon fund and your opportunity to contribute?

WSDOT working on art for river rafters?

Listener Jeff of Covington has just spotted this Facebook post by Fall City Arts, that indicates WSDOT and other community partners may be working up a plan for an art piece for river rafters.

Seattle Mariners should not do business with Centerplate if Desmond Hague remains CEO

I am fired up over this story of the CEO who runs the company that does the food service at Safeco Field for the Mariners.

Dori's not surprised: Study says Seattle drivers are some of the worst

A report out from Allstate insurance suggests Seattle drivers are some of the worst in the United States.

Video: Dori Monson conquers the Meat Mountain

On Wednesday's show, Dori Monson decided to try Arby's unlisted menu item, the Meat Mountain.

Video shows CEO for Safeco Field's catering company allegedly abusing dog

The CEO of a catering company, whose client list includes Safeco Field, allegedly abused a dog in an elevator last month.

Video of 9-year-old before she shot shooting instructor is chilling

"All right, full auto," the firing-range instructor tells a 9-year-old girl. She braces the Uzi submachine gun and opens fire at a black-silhouette target. But the recoil wrenches the fully automatic weapon upward, and the instructor is shot in the head and killed.

Man who allegedly used baby as a shield should be sterilized if found guilty

An Olympia man is behind bars after allegedly using his 7-month-old baby as a shield during a fight with police. Police had been called to his home after the 24-year-old allegedly assaulted his wife. The man reportedly fought off officers used the baby to shield him from arrest. He's now facing assault charges.

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