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Video: UW pranks Huskies players on new uniforms

Watch as players respond to some "new uniforms" they'll be playing in.

Community bank offers to forgive home loan debt for customers impacted by Oso mudslide

Around 40 homes were destroyed in the Oso landslide and many who lost their houses probably still owe payments on their home loans.

Video: Homeless suprised with 5-star treatment

Prank it Forward surprises a group of homeless people with a pretty nice meal.

A giant head is coming to the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

Work began this week on a new installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park on the waterfront.

Starbucks apologizes to woman who claims drinks were served with satanic messages

Starbucks has apologized to a customer after she claimed she was served two drinks featuring satanic messages.

Why vote for poor to subsidize wealthy in King County?

Ballots are in the mail now for an upcoming transit tax here in Washington and I want to make sure everyone is well aware of these taxes.

Two-legged Washington dog's beach run goes viral

A Washington dog's first trip to the beach is getting lots of attention.

Video: Instant karma for road rage driver

"That's what you get," says a driver who captured what she deemed a fitting end to her beef with a driver that was aggressive with her on the road.

Young boy really didn't want another sister

Watch as a young boy learns what the sex of his parent's new baby will be.

The mob at SeaTac?

You think a 10 percent sales tax is bad? How about a 33 percent sales tax?

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