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Single woman says Seattle men are too timid

Nothing sums up Danielle Campoamor's dating experiences since moving from Alaska to Seattle than the meeting that ultimately led to her first relationship. And she says it's a sad commentary on the state of Seattle men.

Don't blow this designated driver thing out of proportion

Monday morning the headlines read: "designated drivers often drink." That's a big deal, and in our area with several tragic drunk driving deaths over the past few months, it's a scary thought that the one person who is supposed to be sober is actually sloshed.

Kids, rather than gender, may be responsible for wage gap

Monday marks the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. President Barack Obama said Monday that 50 years after enactment of the Equal Pay Act, the nation still faces gender wage disparities that must be fixed. "This is the 21st century," he declared. "It's time to close that gap."

Government isn't the only one with access to your data

After The Guardian published a top secret court order requesting that Verizon give the NSA the details on every phone call on its landline and wireless networks, it has many Americans wondering just how much of their lives the government is monitoring.

Woman accusing Federal Way officers of police brutality reportedly suffers from PTSD

A 36-year-old woman facing a potential felony charge of assaulting an officer has been dealing with mental illness and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder according to her sister.

Researchers: Vaccination exemptions linked to increase in whooping cough cases

With more parents opting out of vaccinations for their kids, a new study suggests that could be leading to increased whooping cough cases. And other parents aren't happy about the news.

Utopian dreams crumble as REI kills unlimited return policy

"It's happened again, another utopian business plan has succumbed to the harsh realities of human nature," said KIRO Radio's Dave Ross at the news that REI decided to change its unlimited satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

Calorie counters could soon learn truth about booze

How many calories and carbs are actually in that bourbon or beer? Until now, there's been little way of actually knowing since companies don't put nutritional labels on beer, wine and spirits. But that could soon be changing.

Sarah Palin gets Washington students off their butts in graduation ceremony

The class president credited with getting Sarah Palin to speak at his small town graduation ceremony said meeting his idol made him appreciate her even more.

Sarah Palin speaking at small Washington high school's graduation ceremony

A very well-known public figure will be speaking at the commencement for Republic High School's 26 graduating seniors.

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