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  • #1781 - Don't Ask, Don't Schlemmer

    Luke and Andrew discuss the demise of SkyMall, the forbidden allure of hotel minibars, and whether Patriot footballs are half-filled or half-empty.
  • #1780 - God Bless The Broken Beard That Led Us To This Show

    Luke and Andrew discuss the possible end of the world, King Tut's beard, and overrated songs by the band "Heart".
  • #1779 - Ballghazi!

    Luke and Andrew call Mike Pesca at the gym to find out if "DeflateGate" is really something we should care about. Meanwhile, Andrew doesn't seem to care about his smoking habit and Luke is a bad influence.
  • #1778 - Expanding Our Pastrami Horizons

    Luke and Andrew review Larry Wilmore's new late night show, Billy Crystals' comments about gays on TV, and man's greatest invention: pizza.
  • #1777 - Physically Unlistenable

    Luke and Andrew try to wrap their minds around what the heck happened Sunday afternoon in the NFL and how they managed to get so dang drunk in the process.
  • #1776 - Cutting Up Jackpots

    Luke and Andrew wonder if "James Taylor Diplomacy" is all it's cracked up to be. And they gear up for the big Seahawks playoff game in a special episode of TBTL No Point Conversion. gear up for the big Seahawks playoff game
  • #1775 - Climbing for Carbs

    Luke's in Chicago, and Andrew is parked illegally in Los Angeles. They talk about eating sandwiches on the sides of mountains and whether a controversial TV show is really controversial.

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  • Luke Burbank: Host
    Luke Burbank has seen a million faces and he's rocked most of them.
  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew might have tacos when he goes home. He's not quite sure yet.
  • Jen Andrews
    Dislikes: Long walks on the beach
  • Sean DeTore
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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