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Jason joins New Day to talk about mental illness' role in UCSB violence

Jason was a panelist on KING-TV's New Day Tuesday to discuss the role mental illness may have played in the UCSB shooting rampage.

Committee member: Mayor's income inequality commission was charade

One of the members of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's Income Inequality Advisory Committee that was working on the plan for implementing a $15 minimum wage in Seattle says the whole thing was a sham.

Ousted gay Seattle Boy Scout leader joins call for Amazon to cut funding organization

A Seattle Scoutmaster who was fired for his sexual orientation, a gay Eagle Scout from Maryland and their supporters presented a petition Wednesday at headquarters urging the Seattle company to suspend donations to the Boy Scouts of America.

Would you vote for an atheist for president?

A new poll from Pew Research suggests a candidate being an atheist would have more negative impact on getting votes than if they were a pot smoker or cheater.

Lawmakers request more funding for landslide monitoring

Rep. Suzan DelBene tells KIRO Radio's Jason Rantz why she thinks we need more funding to monitor landslide risk.

The best dumb video you'll see all week

I know it's not video of a cat doing jumping jacks or a baby doing political impersonations, but the video below is easily the greatest example of a bunch of people doing really ignorant television.

Why I'm excited for Bumbershoot!

The Bumbershoot lineup has been announced, and, per usual, I'm extremely excited.

Should we worry about first MERS case in United States?

MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, has spread to the United States.

Should you be wary of 'smart' guns?

The question is wheather you should be weary of smart guns the way the NRA seems to be. The answer is undoubtedly yes.

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