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Jason Rantz attends pots and pans anti-Israel brigade in Seattle

The protesters marched for about 40 minutes through Capitol Hill streets, holding up traffic. There were some passers-by shouting support, others shouting them down. It was entirely peaceful, though I use that term only to indicate there was no violence; there rhetoric oozed with hatred against Israel.

Ambassador of Israel to US says Seattle's Kshama Sawant will have to retract statements

Socialist Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant has drafted a letter calling for an immediate end to all U.S. government military aid for Israel.

Ironic: Man voicing concern over Seattle surveillance wears Google Glass

There was a striking irony in a story featured on The Seattle Times front page regarding a Seattle coalition fighting for privacy rights as the city gains access to new technologies in surveillance: the privacy advocate in the photo was wearing Google Glass.

Jason Rantz calls on SDOT for answers on 'unbearable' Mercer Mess

A new restriction blocking drivers from making right turns from southbound Dexter to Mercer Street is the latest blow to drivers who regularly travel through the difficult construction zone.

How KIRO Radio hosts will vote on Seattle's parks proposition

Seattleites are passionate about their parks and Proposition 1 on the August 5 primary ballot has tempers flared, so we asked our local talk show hosts (and one non-resident who's merely dedicated to dissecting local politics) what they think about a Parks District.

I got struck by lightning too!

Earlier today, I heard Robb Montejano tell the Dori Monson Show that he was struck by lightning this weekend in Greenlake. He was lucky enough to even have the whole thing recorded! Amazingly, so was I!

Mars Hill protest and coverage overblown

          The Mars Hill protest story is hardly a story at all, but instead, a way for the anti-religious to attack a church.

$21 million in upaid fines: Seattle City Council closing parking scofflaw loophole

With some parking scofflaws owing the city of Seattle about $21 million in unpaid fines, the City Council is scheduled to vote Monday to close a loophole that's allowed many of them to get away with it.

Drone delivery service founder touts benefits of UAVs

In light of concerns over drones flying across Seattle, a representative for a drone delivery service makes the case that there are plenty of positives to consider.

Rantz: Crack dealer's photos with Seattle officials shouldn't get him less time

A man convicted of selling crack is apparently trying to get shorter time by showing he has friends in high places.

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