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Update: Work begins to bring McKenzie home

Work has now begun on the renovation that will make it possible for 7-year-old McKenzie Harris to return home following a devastating accident that left her quadriplegic, thanks in large part to the generosity of the Ron and Don Nation.

How Washington State Patrol Officers Know That You're High

Washington State Patrol Sergeant Mark Crandall is an expert in detecting what drug someone is using, and he trains other officers so they know what to look for when they pull someone over. This is a look into the training process. The Department of Corrections pulls high people off the streets so officers have live people to train with.

Millennials Are Reviving Co-op/Commune Life

Soaring rent prices and a craving for connection has some 20 and 30-somethings moving into co-ops and communes. Here you'll meet some of the residents of Bob the House, a co-op of nine people in Seattle's University District.

Fat Shaming: Can a doctor tell a patient she's obese?

Many overweight people have had awkward and hurtful experiences at a doctor's office. They go in for an ear infection and the doctor would rather talk about losing weight. This is often called 'fat shaming.' A Seattle 'fat positive' woman and an obesity doctor from Swedish weigh in on the issue.

Movie trailer voice goes silent

The guy that talked you into seeing a ton of movies has passed on.

Grandfather writes his own obituary

An 80-year-old man wrote his own obituary that his family found after he died.

Petition: City of Seattle, please ban 'pet rent'

A woman has launched a petition asking the city of Seattle to ban "pet rents."

Farmstr.com: Local, Farm Fresh Foods, No Market Required

Seattle's Janelle Maiocco dreamed up Farmstr: a way for farmers to connect directly with consumers, sort of like a craigslist for local, organic produce, meat, eggs and milk. You can get good deals on food straight from the farm, based on what the farmer has to offer.

Chelsea Handler blasts Piers Morgan in interview

Outspoken female comedian Chelsea Handler wasn't happy with how Piers Morgan was handling her as a guest.

Starbucks to allow tipping via mobile app

For Starbucks baristas, there was always one reason to resent ringing up a customer with with a Starbucks app or credit card: they couldn't add a tip.

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