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Don's first pitch as bad as 50 Cent?

Rapper 50 Cent is getting plenty of grief for one of the ugliest ceremonial first pitches in recent memory at Tuesday night's New York Mets game. Turns out KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill of the Ron and Don Show can relate.

Urban Beekeeping on the Rooftop of a Seattle Hotel

Twelve floors up, on the roof of downtown Seattle's Fairmont Olympic Hotel, are five beehives maintained by Gavin Stephenson, the hotel's executive chef and beekeeper. Gavin says the Fairmont was the first place in the city to do rooftop beekeeping and the incentive was purely environmental."Doing the right thing. They're very delicate. You know, the Colony Collapse Disorder and just bee health and pollination is so important to people that I kind of feel responsible. I have five hives here now. I've got seven or eight at home."

A DIY Brain Zapper Can Help With Memory, Creativity, Depression

A trip to Radio Shack and $30 is all you need to build your own TDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation) device that is said to help improve memory, enhance creativity and stave off depression. Wearing the (completely painless) brain zapping device for 20 minutes a day might be your ticket to improving your quality of life.

David vs. Goliath: One woman's fight against Amazon

Amazon controls a majority of the e-book market in the US, so when they refuse to work with a major publishing house, it can affect millions of people. Ardelle Cowie is hoping to get the Seattle-based company to change their ways.

Jimi Hendrix's Ex Blasts New Biopic, Says She Wasn't Abused By Him

Jimi Hendrix's ex-girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham, sets the record straight about a new Hendrix biopic by Oscar winning screenwriter John Ridley. She says Hendrix never physically abused her and she finds the film appalling. Also, hear her story about the origin of the song "The Wind Cries Mary."

How would you feel about a cocktail party at your grave?

How would you feel if they had a cocktail party at your grave site? It might be a bit of apples and oranges, but the outrage over a cocktail reception to commemorate the opening of the 9/11 museum in New York is sparking plenty of discussion.

McKenzie's Moving!

A 7-year-old Pierce County girl is moving for the first time since being left paralyzed in a car crash on New Year's Day.

Did Jimi Hendrix Beat His Girlfriend? New Film Says Yes, Seattle Biographer Says No

On opening night of the Seattle International Film Festival, a new Jimi Hendrix biopic titled "Jimi: All is By My Side" was screened. In the film, Jimi violently beats his girlfriend with a telephone, and another time in an alley. But Seattle's Charles R Cross, author of a Jimi Hendrix biography, says the movie is pure lies and we should all be offended by the way the rock star was portrayed.

Judge orders Josh Powell life insurance money split 50-50

A federal judge says Josh Powell's family can share in the insurance proceeds from the lives of the two young sons he killed in 2012.

Drummers: The Smartest Musician in the Band?

After years of stereotypes that drummers are dumb dumbs who just bang sticks around, new research shows that drummers are often smarter than the rest of their bandmates. In fact, rumor has it that Microsoft prefers to hire drummers to work on their operating systems.

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