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Is the Sharing Economy Forcing Americans To Trust Each Other Again? Airbnb, Lyft & Relay Ride Users Say: Yes

With services like Airbnb, Lyft and Relay Rides in the mainstream, Americans are welcoming strangers into their homes and cars, and making a profit off of it. These options are often a cheaper way to travel, and in the process they might be teaching us to trust strangers again.

Fund set up for Seattle Pacific University hero Jon Meis and his fiance

By now you've probably heard the story of Jon Meis. He was sitting at his monitor's desk in Seattle Pacific University's Otto Miller Hall Thursday afternoon when a gunman opened fire.

Save the Wheel-In Motor Movie Drive-In in Port Townsend

The Wheel-In is the last of the remaining Washington state drive-ins that needs to switch over to a digital format. If they don't, they can no longer operate. They're hoping to raise $35,000 through their Kickstarter campaign (ends Sunday morning) so they can keep the 61 year old iconic theater open!

Board Games Are Back, And Seattle's Techies Are Fueling the Movement

Poor board games were clobbered when the video game came on the scene, stealing the attention of kids and teens everywhere. But now the board game is making a comeback, and many of them are being produced by, and with the help of, the tech industry. Meet the inventor of Robot Turtles and the woman who founded Lady Plainswalkers Society, a Magic the Gathering gaming group for women.

Mariners announcer on flubbed call: 'I popped a hamstring'

Kyle Seager had a huge game Monday night for the Mariners, with two triples, a double, and a three-run home run that helped lift Seattle to a 10-2 win over the Yankees. But one part of the game is overshadowing Seager's big night.

Fighting for his sister

A refugee from Ukraine who escaped to America is now fighting to keep his family together. The U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service in Seattle has said his mentally handicapped sister has to go back to the middle of a war zone.

World-class climber warns all mountains have dangers

World class climber Ed Viesturs lives in Seattle and is the only American to have summited all of the world's 14 largest mountain peaks, including Everest seven times.

Beth's Cafe: Seattle's Favorite 24/7 Greasy Spoon Turns 60

Beth's Cafe, famous for their gut busting 12-egg omelets (the Southwestern is filled with two bowls of chili!), is celebrating 60 years of around-the-clock greasy spoon dining.

Welcome Home McKenzie!

It has been five months since the head-on crash that left 7-year-old McKenzie Harris paralyzed. But thanks to the generosity of so many in the Ron and Don nation, the little girl has some new digs that allowed her to return home this week.

Don's first pitch as bad as 50 Cent?

Rapper 50 Cent is getting plenty of grief for one of the ugliest ceremonial first pitches in recent memory at Tuesday night's New York Mets game. Turns out KIRO Radio's Don O'Neill of the Ron and Don Show can relate.

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