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  • VW chief warns workers of 'pain' to come because of scandal
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 7:17 am
    Volkswagen's new CEO has told more than 20,000 workers that overcoming its emissions-rigging scandal will "not happen without pain" and that the company will have to review its investment plans.
  • AP Interview: Germany still untangling Nazis' legal legacy
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 7:04 am
    Germany's justice ministry is embarked on a wide-ranging effort to examine the influence that the Nazis had on the country's legal system, including the role some German officials played in preventing former Nazis from being prosecuted after the war.
  • Nigeria Senate names 20 nominees for president's new Cabinet
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 6:44 am
    Nigeria's Senate announced 20 nominees for the Cabinet of President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday, representing all regions of this West African nation but including only three women in a team expected to fight endemic corruption.
  • US stock indexes little changed in early trade; DuPont jumps
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 6:44 am
    U.S. stocks are getting off to a slow start a day after a big rally.
  • Christian pastor survives knife attack at home in Bangladesh
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 6:44 am
    A Bangladeshi pastor survived an attempt on his life by three men who came to his home pretending to want to learn about Christianity, police and the victim said Tuesday.
  • UK minister rejects EU migration pact, vows tighter borders
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 6:36 am
    Britain will never "in a thousand years" agree to a common European immigration policy to deal with the surging number of refugees fleeing to the continent, a top government official declared Tuesday.
  • Court keeps passport of ex-IMF chief Rato in fraud case
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 6:24 am
    A Spanish magistrate has withdrawn the passport of former International Monetary Fund chief Rodrigo Rato, who is under investigation for alleged tax fraud, money laundering and corruption.
  • 7 judges in Ghana suspended after corruption claims
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 5:52 am
    Ghana's judicial service says seven high court judges have been suspended following corruption allegations by a journalist.
  • Ukraine rebels to delay elections
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 5:36 am
    Officials of the eastern Ukraine regions under the control of Russia-backed separatists say they will postpone local elections that were to be held in the next several weeks, an issue that had impeded progress toward a firm resolution of the conflict.
  • AP PHOTOS: Kashmir's floating market reopens after floods
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 5:00 am
    Boats laden with fresh produce appear just after dawn, floating through a maze of waterways on Dal Lake in the main city of India's portion of Kashmir.
  • Legendary Spanish editor launching new digital publication
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 4:40 am
    The legendary Spanish newspaper editor is flush with 18 million euros ($20 million) from crowdfunding, well-heeled investors and the payoff he received for leaving Spain's No. 2 newspaper. With that haul, Pedro J. Ramirez is about to launch a startup digital publication aimed at shaking up Spanish journalism and scooping traditional and new media competition.
  • EU high court rules against prisoner seeking voting rights
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 4:40 am
    The European Union's highest court on Tuesday ruled that a member state can ban prisoners guilty of serious offenses from voting in EU elections in a decision which was keenly awaited in Britain.
  • A glance at the winners of the Nobel Prize for Physics
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 4:00 am
    The 2015 Nobel Prize in physics was announced Tuesday in Stockholm.
  • A glance at the Nobel Prizes in 2015
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 3:56 am
    The 2015 Nobel Prizes are being announced this week and next. The $960,000 awards will be handed out in Stockholm and Oslo on Dec. 10, the anniversary of prize founder Alfred Nobel's death in 1896. Below is a look at the winners announced so far:
  • Ukraine moves toward allowing foreigners in military
    Associated Press | October 06, 2015 3:52 am
    Ukraine's parliament has passed a measure that would allow foreigners to serve in its armed forces.