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2013 winners and losers in politics and media

KTTH hosts David Boze and Ben Shapiro discuss who won and who lost in 2013 in the worlds of politics and the media.

Where's Governor Jay Inslee in Machinist vote?

Remember the governor of the state was talking as though he's part of the team and he's going to be focused on making sure Boeing stays?

Are recent terror bombings a precursor to more attacks?

Terrorism expert Michael Rubin discusses the meaning of recent suicide bombings and what they mean for the Sochi Olympics and the West.

The coolest thing you're going to see this week

David bets this might be a highlight of your week.

Yes, the 'War on Christmas' is worth fighting

Rabbi Daniel Lapin describes a growing anti-Christian sentiment in America, and why it can lead to the end of freedom.

On tax increases, voters might be in the dark

Voters' guides are lacking key information refuting the need for tax increases - and one Washington group is taking action

Boze on Phil Robertson: opinions are our 'cultural glue'

David Boze questions why the 'thought police' are coming down so hard on the "Duck Dynasty" star for answering a reporter's questions.

Reichart calls federal budget deal 'decisive'

Bellevue Congressman Dave Reichart explains why the federal spending deal is 'decisive,' and why House Speaker John Boehner has lashed out at Tea Party groups

Anchorman 2: legendary, but fun stupidity

Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy has now replaced the immortal Ted Knight's Ted Baxter as America's favorite bumbling television anchorman.

Think tank reveals labor union transparency push

An Olympia think tank wants to make union political activities, and reveals startling statistics about their political contributions.

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