Terry Jaymes and Providence Cicero look at the Seattle dining scene
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Seattle restaurants to pair with Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker

A trip to PNB's Nutcracker has become a tradition for many, including Let's Eat Host Providence Cicero. The night is one she looks forward to every year so to help others in planning that special evening, she's compiled a list of convenient nearby eateries.

Chefs find food mecca in new Seattle specialty store

If you're looking to whip up some antelope stew with fennel pollen, a new Seattle specialty store is the one and likely only place offering some of the finest and rarest foods available.

Review: Ethan Stowell's latest restaurant Rione XIII

Ethan Stowell is one of Seattle's favorite restaurateurs. This week on Let's Eat, host Providence Cicero takes a look at Stowell's newest restaurant Rione XIII.

Where to take out-of-towners for something 'Seattle' to eat at Pike Place Market

If you have out-of towners visiting and you live in the Puget Sound - it's almost a guarantee they will want to go to one of Seattle's most famous tourist locations: Pike Place Market.

Where to dine out around Seattle this Thanksgiving

The irony of one of the biggest food holiday's of the year is that most restaurants are closed so their employees can celebrate. But what if you just don't want to dine in this Thursday? Let's Eat host and Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero looked up a few places that will still be serving.

Try Korean flavors for beginners at Chan

Let's Eat host and Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero is always trying to get co-host Terry Jaymes to step into new frontiers of food. At her first suggestion of Korean food, Terry didn't seem too excited, but she says she's found the perfect place for him to try.

Let's Eat: Where to find the best sandwiches

Where can you get the best sandwiches around? Let's Eat host Terry Jaymes and Seattle Times restaurant critic Providence Cicero shared some of their favorites.

DIY liquor at Heritage Distilling Co. in Gig Harbor

The Stiefels tell Terry Jaymes and Providence Cicero on Let's Eat that visiting the Heritage Distillery Company is just like a winery, but with hard alcohol.

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