TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

Should you just give your name?

It happened last January on one of the Skyways that connects the buildings in downtown St. Paul.

Why you should thank the airlines for canceling flights

We all know the sinking feeling when you hear your plane is running 15 minutes late. Because we all know that unlike regular minutes, which expire after sixty seconds, airline minutes are more like cable company minutes, or even Department of Motor Vehicles minutes.

What is technology's role in faith?

If the Bible was being written today, Eve wouldn't just give Adam and apple, she'd also give him an unlimited data plan to go with it.

Thank goodness there's baseball

The Little League World Series is now down to the final game in Williamsport, PA, and what a drama it's been.

The extra point

It won't happen until 2015, but NFL insiders are saying that the extra point as we know it, is going to change.

Is the lesson sinking in?

So. What's the worst thing that could happen near Ferguson, Missouri?

New poll, same results

Did you hear how the President opened Monday's news conference?

The cooler heads speak out

At the Greater St. Mark's Family church in Ferguson, Missouri, the town where an unarmed Michael Brown was shot last week, a small crowd of about 50 heard State Attorney General Chris Koster apologize.

The culture of cruelty

Since Robin Williams died, amateur Internet shrinks have been busy diagnosing a person they never met.

You will win, but people will hate you

Scrabble is the only board game I still play. Not to brag, but the fact is, I usually win. Until, this week when my daughter beat me by two points. It was quite a shock.

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