TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

Steve Ballmer's keys to success

I knew it was going to be a different kind of commencement speech when I saw him come out with the cheek mic on.

It's as adorable as the Internet gets

The Onion - the media satire website that people sometimes take seriously (because with media today it's hard to tell the difference anymore) has a new site, focused on satirizing the Internet's most time-wasting websites: the sites that are always tempting you with lists, trite headlines, and adorable must-see videos.

It turns out every vote does count

I see two reactions to the defeat of Eric Cantor, the first House Majority leader to lose his local election while in office.

King County councilmember wants Metro funding to take advantage of Seattle's rapid growth

Voters want to know, is there enough money to keep the buses running in King County or not?

Teacher: The system used to evaluate teachers is a joke

Andrew K. Milton teaches eighth grade language arts at Pioneer Middle School in Tacoma. He ran for school board and lost, kept an education blog, and eventually wrote a book about it called, "The Normal Accident Theory of Education: Why Reform and Regulation Won't Make Schools Better."

Don't worry, we're here to protect you

I got a call from someone I know pretty well who was in a coffee shop in a certain Seattle suburb, and a guy walked in with a pistol on his hip - just as the latest school shooting outside Portland - was all over the news.

Don't look up

I feel like we've been having a lot of near misses from asteroids lately.

Can the ocean clean itself?

You've heard about the North Pacific garbage patch, the internet videos are revolting.

Vet remembers D-Day by reliving parachute jump

Seventy years ago, the Allied invasion of Normandy began the liberation of Europe from the Nazis.

Seattle U professor: Why Pope Francis is talking about the devil

Pope Francis has a lot of non-Catholic fans, who respond positively to his views on wealth, contraception, and gay marriage. But the new- school pope is still fighting something those more liberal followers tend to dismiss: an old-school Devil.

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