TCTI: Too Crazy To Ignore
Dave Ross

If there are black people who aren't black enough - where does that leave white people?

The latest discussion about blackness began with rumors that some players with the Superbowl champ Seattle Seahawks didn't consider quarterback Russell Wilson "black enough."

Gas for $2?

The price of oil has dropped to around $75 a barrel and that's pulling the price of regular under $3 a gallon in some cities.

Will the real militia do its job?

Marysville-Pilchuck High School will be closed this week to give the community time to recover from the shooting on Friday, when the school's 14-year-old homecoming prince shot two boys, two girls, and then himself.

Keeping calm and staying Canadian

"The stress was really beyond and above..." said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who hid in a closet for 15 minutes during Wednesday's lone wolf attack on Parliament. He was guarded by his fellow Parliament members who whittled flagpoles into spears.

If a child is sold on the Internet as a sex slave - who do you blame?

The Supreme Court of the State of Washington is considering arguments on behalf of a group of former sex slaves.

He was the guy who was always warning his reporters: hope to hell

Ben Bradlee, editor of the Washington Post during the Watergate years, died at the age of 93.

Another sugar study

My family informs me that no one wants to hear any more studies about sugar.

I guess health care is the government's business after all

The Ebola story has turned the usual debate upside down. Usually critics accuse the government for interfering too much. This time it stands accused of not interfering enough!

How afraid should we be?

In Liberia, where about 2,500 have died, Major General Darryl Williams is overseeing the U.S. Army's medical rescue operation, and he found that even at the epicenter of the outbreak, life goes on.

They're here and they're determined to follow you

The first generation of practical robotic personal assistants is being unveiled at a conference in Boston this week, and it gives us a glimpse into what the robots of the future will really be doing.

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